Can you use a teabag twice?

In this article, we will answer the question “Can you use a teabag twice?”, and how to reuse teabags?

Can you use a teabag twice?

Yes, you can use a teabag twice for steeping and a variety of other purposes. More on this in the article below.

How to reuse teabags?

Method 1: Using old tea bags around the house

Make double-brewed tea

You can steep the used teabags and make two cups of tea from a single teabag. The tea made by the second steeping may not be very strong. 

Steep the tea for an additional 2-3 minutes than you usually. This would enhance the effectiveness of the used teabag. 

Do not keep the used teabags for long on the counter or else you will end up with moldy teabags. Dump the teabags in a glass containing enough water to keep them teabags wet. Then refrigerate the glass until you are ready to steep the tea bag again. 

Add flavor to food

Used tea bags can be sued to subtly enhance the flavor of your rice or oatmeal. Used teabags of jasmine and chamomile tea are particularly useful in this regard since they have a very good fragrance. 

Add the tea bags to the boiling water for rice or pasta, or place them in the meat smoker to make tea-infused smoked meats.

Care for your garden

Remove the non-degradable bits like staples and plastic casings from your teabags Then dump the teabags in a compost pile or dig them in your garden soil. 

The nutrients from the teabags help the plants flourish by increasing the acidity levels and nitrogen, attracting good bacteria, lowering the soil pH, and providing food to the earthworms.

Disguise the bad odors 

Teabags have an excellent aroma paired with great absorbent quality. This calls for using old teabags as a deodorizer. 

Dump the old teabags in the fridge or trashcans to let them absorb the unwanted odors around the area. Peppermint and cinnamon flavored tea is particularly helpful in this regard due to their strong and beautiful scent.

Rub your hands with the flavored tea after handling smelly foods such as fish, garlic or onions, etc. Teabags also work great as a makeshift air freshener. To do this, mix the dried teabags with a few drops of your favorite essential and scented oil.

Method 2: Using old teabags to clean 

Degrease stubborn dishes

If you are hesitant to use harsh cleaners to degrease your expensive ceramic dishes, you can turn to old teabags to do the job. The bioactive compounds in tea cut through the grease on your dishes and impart a sheen afterward.

Let the old teabags soak in warm water for a few minutes. Then lower your greasy dishes into the water and gently scrub them until clean.

Clean the very bottom of the toiler bowl

Place used teabags in your toilet and then flush the toilet. Scrub the bottom of the toilet to remove the stubborn yellow stains. Use light-colored teas for this purpose since the tannins in the tea can leave a stain of their own on the whites of the toilet.

Shine your mirrors

Use wet and old teabags to wipe clean your mirrors. Use a soft cloth to wipe dry the mirror afterward. Maintain a circular motion during the cleaning process to make sure every part gets covered. 

After the cleaning, you will be looking at a squeaky clean mirror with no signs of scum, all thanks to the bioactive compounds in the teabags.

Method 3: Using old teabags for health 

Treat minor injuries 

The antioxidants, the anti-inflammatory ECGC, the pain relieve theobromine and tannins, and the anti-allergy polyphenols present in tea bags can be used to treat minor injuries. 

Minor injuries such as blisters, razor burn, sunburn, poison ivy, recent injection sites, acne, plantar warts, bruises, cold sores, bug stings or bites and even bleeding gums can be healed by using tea bags.

Teabags do not work like magic so you may have to wet the problem area with the teabags multiple times before you see the results. For more effectiveness, let the wet teabag dry out on your problem area before your remove it.

Soothe tired eyes

Apply dampen and refrigerated teabags on your tired eyes for relieving the fatigue. Let the teabags sit for about 15-20 minutes. The caffeine in the tea reduces the dark circles by constricting the blood vessels while the tannins improve blood circulation. 

Add the to your foot soak, face steam, or bath

The antioxidants, Vitamin C, and Vitamin e present in the teabags can help improve your skin and scalp health when added to your foot soak, face steam, or bathwater. Using flavored teas like chamomile, peppermint, and lavender for this purpose adds the benefit of aromatherapy. 


In this article, we answered the question “Can you use a teabag twice?”, and how to reuse teabags?


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