Can you sub heavy cream for milk?

In this brief guide, we are going to answer the question “Can you sub heavy cream for milk” with an in-depth analysis of can you sub heavy cream for milk. Moreover, we will have a brief discussion about whether it is possible to freeze heavy cream as well as substitutes for heavy cream.

Heavy cream is a typical component in both sweet and savory dishes, but if you don’t have any, there are heavy cream replacements available. Perhaps you’re cooking for a vegan, or you’ve gotten halfway through a recipe before realizing you’re missing a critical item. Heavy cream has between 36 and 40% milkfat, which is more than twice as much as half-and-half.

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Can you sub heavy cream for milk?

Yes, You can substitute heavy cream for milk. We usually use full milk in our recipes. Whole milk’s protein, fat, sugar, and overall smoothness make it great for making delectable baked products and snacks. 3.25 percent milkfat is typical for whole milk (or fat in milk).

Skim milk is on the other end of the spectrum. Because skim milk contains just around 0.5 percent (or less) milkfat, it has little to no flavor. Milk fat content in one percent and two percent milk is 1 percent and 2 percent by weight, respectively. In general, the higher the fat content, the richer the flavor!

Heavy cream and half-and-half, the other two frequent milk options, are significantly fattier and can add a lot of flavors. Half and half have roughly 12 percent milkfat, while heavy cream has about 36 percent milkfat.

Is it possible to freeze heavy cream?

We were pleasantly surprised to hear that heavy cream may be frozen. While heavy cream keeps for about a month in the refrigerator, you may find yourself with an excess of heavy cream, especially during the holidays. Freezing heavy cream is a simple technique to keep it fresh: pour 1 tablespoon of heavy cream into each ice cube and freeze.

For added creaminess, defrost the cream cubes ahead of time or add them straight to the boiling soup. If you’re going to use this method, keep in mind the following basic conversions: 14 cups = 4 tbsp. You can also freeze a complete pint or quart of heavy cream in its package; simply pour out about 12 cups of heavy cream to make room for the cream to expand when frozen.

Milk Substitutes Come in a Variety of Forms

These are some of the most popular cream substitutes. In the section below, we’ll get to know each component before learning how to use it in unique recipes.


This dairy is made up of half cream and half milk and has a fat content of 10–12%. It can’t be beaten and shouldn’t be used in baking, but it’s fantastic for adding flavor to soups, mashed potatoes, and creamed veggies.


With an 18–30% fat level, it’s heavier than half-and-half but lighter than heavy cream. Still too lean to whip, but useful for adding flavor to soups and mashed potatoes, as well as sauces.

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This is the creamiest milk available, with roughly 3.5 percent fat, yet it is still much leaner than heavy cream. Use it to make mashed potatoes or other forgiving dishes. Attempting to decrease milk as if it were cream would result in curdling.


The water content of this canned product has been reduced by 60%. Look for a whole-milk kind with at least 7.9% fat content to use as a heavy cream alternative. It’s great in sauces, but the flavor is slightly overdone and caramelized.


Both of these items are high in fat and can be used as a vegan substitute for heavy cream. Use the cream in sauces and soups; it can be whipped. Avoid light varieties, and don’t confuse it with sweetened coconut cream.


Another excellent vegan alternative that has a much milder flavor than coconut. You may make your own cashew cream by soaking nuts overnight and then blending until smooth. If you’re buying it from the store, stay away from the sweetened types.


Yep. This sorta-substitute, which is prepared by roasting and puréeing onions, is genius. “You can substitute it for cream in your risotto, add it to pasta with fresh herbs for a healthier, brighter, but still decadent-tasting dish, whisk it into your mashed potatoes or use it to lighten up the foundation of a quiche,” says the author.

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In this brief guide, we answered the question “Can you sub heavy cream for milk” with an in-depth analysis of can you sub heavy cream for milk. Moreover, we also have a brief discussion about whether it is possible to freeze heavy cream as well as substitutes for heavy cream.