Can you steam dry rice?

In this article, we will answer the question “Can you steam dry rice?” along with other information such as the health benefits of steamed rice, how to boil rice, and some delicious recipes you can make with it.

Can you steam dry rice?

Yes, you can steam dry rice. Begin by washing your desired quantity of rice and soak for 10 minutes. Transfer the rice into a heat-proof pot and add water in a ratio of 1:1.3 (rice to water). 

Fill a steamer with cold water, place your pot of rice inside, and cook with the lid closed for 20 mins. Turn off the stove and let it simmer for 5 mins and enjoy.

Is steamed rice softer than boiled rice?

No, steamed rice is not softer than boiled rice. This is because boiled rice is cooked by submerging the rice in water which releases more starch and makes the rice softer. 

Steamed rice, on the other hand, cooks with the help of heat trapped inside the steamer which makes the rice grains more firm.

Is steamed rice healthy?

Yes, steamed rice is healthy as it is rich in iron and vitamin B which can help improve your metabolism and cell health. Steaming rice also prevents the rice from losing its nutrients unlike boiled rice, where most nutrients dissolve in the water. Small portions of steamed brown rice can be healthier than white rice if you are on a diet.

What are the disadvantages of eating rice?

There are several disadvantages of eating rice as it contains a high starch level which can lead to diabetes if eaten in excess. Rice is also high in calories which can make you gain weight or feel lethargic. 

As a result, the rice should be eaten in small portions, whereas accompanying meat and vegetables should be eaten in larger portions.

Can you boil dry rice?

Yes, you can boil dry rice. Begin by washing your rice thoroughly to get rid of dirt and other particles. Fill a pot with water and add your washed rice in the ratio of 2:1 (water to rice). 

Cook your rice on high until most of the water is evaporated, cover the lid and let it cook on low. Stir occasionally to make sure all the grains are evenly cooked and enjoy.

How do you tell if rice is spoiled?

You can tell rice is spoiled by its texture and appearance. Your cooked rice will turn sticky and emit a nasty odor when spoiled. Dry rice can have mold growing on it and even discoloration when spoiled. If your dry rice has bugs or emits an unpleasant odor, discard it immediately.

What kind of meals can I make with rice?

You can make many meals with rice such as fried rice, Srilankan milk rice, and rice pudding. Other detailed recipes on how to use steamed rice in dishes can be found here

  • Fried rice: Heat oil in a wok and add chopped garlic, stirring occasionally. Crack two eggs and scramble, seasoning with salt and pepper. Add carrots, the meat of your choice, and cooked rice and stir until incorporated. Finally, add soy sauce, seasoning, green onions and a chunk of butter. Mix everything and enjoy.
  • Cilantro lime chicken and rice: In a large pot, heat oil on medium heat and add boneless diced chicken. Once cooked, season with salt and pepper and add green onion, broth, black beans, lime juice, and green chilies. Once the broth boils,  add rice and let it cook for 2 minutes. Finally, mix in chopped cilantro and enjoy. 
  • Sri Lankan milk rice: Wash your rice until clean and add it to a pot with two cups of water and a pinch of salt. Let it boil on medium heat until the rice turns soft and mushy, add more water if necessary. Once the rice is mushy, add coconut milk and cook on low heat for ten minutes. Pour the rice onto a tray, shape it, and enjoy.
  • Rice pudding: boil rice in a pot and set aside. Transfer your cooked rice into a saucepan and add milk, sugar, and salt. Let it cook on medium heat until it turns creamy and add in a beaten egg, raisins, and more milk. Stir everything until it’s fully incorporated, turn off the stove, and add vanilla extract and butter. Mix well and enjoy. 

Can you freeze cooked rice?

Yes, you can freeze cooked rice for about two months. Let the rice cool and store it in clean, air-tight bags to prevent spoilage. 

Always defrost your rice before consuming it as it can lead to food poisoning otherwise. To defrost your rice, transfer it to a microwave-safe bowl, sprinkle some water, and heat for two minutes at 600W.

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In this article we have answered the question “can you steam dry rice?” along with other information such as the health benefits of steamed rice, how to boil rice, and some delicious recipes you can make with it.