Can you scramble an egg in the shell?

In this brief guide, we are going to answer the question “can you scramble an egg in the shell” with an in-depth analysis of the purpose behind scrambling the eggs inside the eggshell carefully without breaking the shell. Moreover, we are going to highlight how the Goose device can be used to scramble the egg and what are other ways to do so.

Can you scramble an egg in the shell?

Scrambling involves breaking the internal integrity and mixing the yolk and egg white inside the egg through vigorous shaking. You can scramble the egg by shaking it harder which may result in the breakage of the eggshell and then the eggs with cracked shells cannot be used.

Technically speaking, scrambling an egg just resembles the beating after cracking but it is mostly done to mix the egg contents and then can be boiled or baked with a golden colored egg liquid. This golden-colored liquid gives the eggs a unique name that is Golden Eggs.

Device for scrambling:

Science has come up with a solution that has minimized the effort used for this purpose and you can easily scramble the egg without worrying much about its cracking or breakage or spilling of the inside materials of the egg. Different gadgets and devices have been introduced in the market for scrambling eggs without the breakage of eggshells.

A device named Golden Goose is a hand-powered appliance that is designed to scramble the eggs in the eggshells without breaking them. This gadget works through the use of centrifugal force that can swirl the yolk and egg white and allow them to completely mix.

The processing steps for this appliance involve placing the egg inside the two cradles that are designed to hold and handle eggs with varied ranges of sizes. The eggs are then spun by the machine and then the eggs can be cooked through boiling, frying, or whatever process you desire. You can read about gadgets here.

Ways to scramble eggs:

It depends on your preference through which you are going to scramble the eggs. Besides the use of devices for this purpose, one may use simple methods to just shake the eggs and can have finely scrambled eggs. Some of the ways are going to be discussed here.

Method 1:

  • Take a T-shirt with long sleeves, two rubber bands, a plastic bag, and an egg.
  • Put the egg in a plastic bag and tightly seal it. Also, remove the air inside the hag by squeezing the bag.
  • Insert the plastic bag to the inside of the T-shirt through one of the sleeves and close the open end of that sleeve using a rubber band. Similarly, close the end of the other sleeve. Make sure that the sleeves are tightly closed so that the egg cannot fall.
  • Hold the shirt with both sleeves in both hands from ends (one end of the sleeve in each hand)
  • Swing the sleeve in a circular motion just in front of you. This will allow the egg to propel the sleeve forward just like jumping rope. Rotate the sleeve for about 15 seconds
  • The proper scrambling can be checked by using a flashlight that can be passed directly through a fresh egg whereas a clear shining light will not be obtained when passed through a scrambled egg.
  • Take out eggs and use them for whatever purpose you want to use.

Method 2:

  • Take 2 caps and make 2 holes in each cap. Join the two caps by passing a string through them.
  • Wrap the egg tightly in a piece of cloth and place it inside one of the caps. Put the other cap over the first one and hold them together by using tape. It will finally look like a ball with an enclosed egg.
  • Hold the ends of the string that is passed through the caps in both hands and swirl it. This will allow the spinning of the egg inside the cap and a sound will also be heard while spinning and mixing the egg.
  • The scrambling can be again checked through the use of a flashlight.

Scrambled eggs:

Scrambled eggs are eggs that are obtained through stirring, whipping, or beating the eggs together, and diffused golden-colored eggs are formed that can be used for boiling. Scrambled eggs have a mixed flavor that comes from the mixing of egg white and holds and can mainly be used for making boiled Golden Eggs.

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In this brief guide, we answered the question “can you scramble an egg in the shell” with an in-depth analysis of the reasons behind scrambling the eggs without breaking the shell. Moreover, we discussed how we can scramble eggs through the use of any device or through using some general things, such as caps or T-shirts.


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