Can you replace milk with evaporated milk

In this brief guide, we are going to answer the question” can you replace milk with evaporated milk” with an in-depth analysis of the reason why fresh milk can be replaced with evaporated milk. Moreover we are going to discuss how we prepare evaporated milk at home, and what is the difference between fresh milk and evaporated milk.

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Can you replace milk with evaporated milk?

Evaporated milk can be used as the substitute of fresh milk, it is nothing more than the milk, whose 60% of water is removed  by a process called evaporation.

Shelf life of Evaporated milk:

You can preserve evaporated milk for several months , when the covering is sealed, once you open the seal , you should use it in 3-5 days.

How to make Evaporated milk from Fresh milk?

Take 2 ¼ cup of fresh milk and gently boil it down until it reduces to 1 cup. Evaporated milk is mostly made with 2% milk but whole milk will also work.

Lactose free evaporated milk:

If you are lactose intolerant, make your own lactose-free evaporated milk. Just take the 2 ¼ cup of fresh milk in a sauce pan and heat it until its volume has been reduced to 60% of the original volume.

Uses of evaporated milk:

Evaporated milk can be used to make smoothies, tea, coffee , oatmeal  , cake toppings or in other Bakery goods.

Is there any difference in the composition of Evaporated milk and Fresh milk ?

We can say, not the composition is different, except the water content that is approximately 85% for the fresh milk and 60% for the evaporated milk, rest of the nutrients are the same in both.

The nutrition profile of milk:

Milk is a complete diet to maintain a healthy body, as it is rich in many important micronutrients as well as macronutrients. Dairy products are very nutritious. A single cup (237ml) of milk contains

  • Calcium: 276mg which makes 28% of the Reference daily intake(RDI)
  • Vitamin C: 24% of the reference daily intake(RDI)
  • Riboflavin (vitamin B2) makes 26% of the reference daily intake (RDI)
  • Vitamin B12: 18% of the reference daily intake (RDI)
  • Potassium: 10% of the reference daily intake (RDI)
  • Phosphorous:22% of reference daily intake (RDI)

It also boasts decent amounts of Vitamin A, B1, selenium, and zinc that help the body to stay healthy and well-nourished.

Health benefits of milk:

  • Calcium is the major mineral in the milk, that is important to maintain healthy teeth as well as bones.  Most health guidelines recommend 2-3 servings of dairy per day to provide the body enough calcium.
  • There is evidence that dairy fat reduces the risk of Diabetes.
  • Diary is rich in vitamin K2 that reduces the risk of heart diseases and inflammation.

Is evaporated milk is same as condensed milk:

No, evaporated milk is not like the condensed milk, condensed milk has a very high concentration of sugar, thus condensed milk is sweetened while evaporated milk is unsweetened.

Is a substitute for evaporated milk, possible?

The answer is, yes. If you don’t have time to make evaporated milk. Take simply ¾ cup of fresh milk and mix it with ¼ cup of cream, although it will not be as sweetened as evaporated milk but will provide the same richness to you.

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Can we use Coconut milk as the substitute for Evaporated milk?

It’s also non-dairy milk, but notably fattier and thicker than nut milk and soy milk. It can be substituted for evaporated milk in equal parts without any simmering as long as it’s full-fat milk.

 Instruction to make Evaporated milk:

  • Take a non-stick pan, place fresh milk in it. The milk will cook onto the sides of the pan, so use the non-stick pan.
  • Once it simmers. Turn the heat from low to medium, gently stir it.
  • Simmer the milk for about 25 min. until it reduces to 1 cup.
  • Set aside to cool completely.
  • Stored evaporated milk in the fridge for up to 5days

Recipes In which Evaporated milk can be used:

There are some recipes in which you can use evaporated milk, name as

  • Ribbon Fantasy fudge
  • Bacon Cheeseburger soup
  • Classic Swedish  Meatballs
  • Fluffy waffles
  • Creamy chicken rice soup
  • Chocolate cream pie
  • Cheesy chile casserole
  • Broccoli-Mushroom Bubble bake
  • Garlicky cheddar cheese bisque
  • Buttermilk chocolate cupcake


In the brief guide, we answered the question” can you replace milk with evaporated milk” and in-depth analysis of how can we replace fresh milk with evaporated milk. Moreover, we discussed how can we make evaporated milk at home and different recipes in which evaporated milk can be used.