Can you put Skittles in the fridge? (7 Tips)

In this brief guide, we will answer the question, can you put Skittles in the fridge? We will discuss whether it is a good idea to store Skittles in the fridge or not. We will also discuss the best way to store Skittles. 

Can you put Skittles in the fridge?

You can put Skittles in the fridge, even though there is no reason to do so, besides to keep it cold. Skittles keep well at room temperature. 

You might prefer to eat your Skittles cold, and store it in the fridge for that reason. However, Skittles could lose its crunch, harden and diminish the experience for you.

The corn syrup and citric acid prevent the candy from melting at warm temperatures. Hence, there isn’t a good reason to keep skittles inside a refrigerator.

Skittles are made of corn syrup, and starch. The corn syrup contributes to the sweetness of the SKittles while starch acts as a binder. 

Citric acid is the primary flavoring agent in Skittles, which adds to the tart taste. A Variety of food coloring makes Skittles have a familiar color assortment. 

You must not store any sugar candy, including Skittles inside the refrigerator where condensates and moisture will make the candy chewy and hard. It could also make the Skittles dry out or crystallize because of the cold temperature. 

If you store any other type of candy in the refrigerator, you would observe that it would sweat, get sticky and sometimes melt. 

What are the characteristics of skittles and other candies?

Skittles and most candies have a lot of sugar or sweetener added to them, which makes them shelf-stable. Sugar acts as a moisture binder. As it combines with water molecules, it reduces the water activity levels, hence making it less feasible for bacteria to attack. 

Skittles and other candies should be kept at room temperature, instead of in a refrigerator to prevent attracting moisture. 

If you prefer, you can store skittle and other sweets inside a refrigerator, however, it might compromise on the texture. 

Chocolate, on the other hand, presents a good reason to store in the refrigerator, especially if you live in a warm climate. To ensure that a chocolate bar keeps its shape, it could be put in a refrigerator, where it will not melt. 

How long do Skittles last?

Skittles can keep for up to 20 years when it is stored properly. In its original packaging, Skittles will keep years past its expiration date.

When the quality of Skittles starts to deteriorate, its texture is one of the first things to be affected. The Skittles will also start to get a stale texture or become hard to bite into. The taste of Skittles will keep for slightly longer than its texture does.  

Once the packet of Skittles has been opened, it could stay good for five years. If you do not store the Skittles properly, expose them to air or sunlight then they would melt and lose their quality quickly.

The loss of texture in Skittles occurs when the sugar inside crystallizes or dries out, consequently making the candy stale. 

While it could be difficult for bacteria to grow on Skittles, fungus or mold could be a potential problem. If Skittles were exposed to moisture, fungal growth is possible. 

If you see a white, green, or any other change in color, you must throw away the Skittles. Mold can grow as either spots or a textured layer, which means that Skittles is no longer safe to eat. 

How to store skittles?

  • To store Skittle, put them in an airtight jar or container. A mason or glass jar keeps a good job of keeping moisture out and making your candy last long.
  • The best place to store Skittle is the pantry, where it is cool and dry. Keep Skittles inside a jar and away from sunlight and moisture.
  • Refrain from keeping Skittles in the refrigerator, unless you have to. While Skittles will last a very long time in the refrigerator and the freezer, its textural quality will deteriorate.
  • Even in the refrigerator, keep Skittles in an airtight bag or container. In the fridge, Skittles will stay good for multiple more months than you would expect while in the freezer, they would be good for years. 
  • Store individual types of candies separately. Do not mix candies. Caramels, mints, and hard candies absorb moisture, and storing them with candies that lose moisture will ruin your candy. 

Fudge or creamy candies will lose moisture and cause the hard candies to become sticky. 


In this brief guide, we answered the question, can you put Skittles in the fridge? We discussed whether it is a good idea to store Skittles in the fridge or not. We also discussed the best way to store Skittles.  


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