Can you put prosecco in the fridge after opening?

In this brief article, we are going to answer the question “can you put prosecco in the fridge after opening it?” We will further discuss how to keep opened prosecco in the fridge. In the end, we will discuss the shelf life of prosecco. 

Can you put prosecco in the fridge after opening?

Yes, you can store prosecco in the fridge after opening. You can store opened bottles in the refrigerator for about 2 to 3 days. After that, the prosecco should be discarded since it is no longer drinkable..

Prosecco may be stored inside the fridge for up to four days.

The bottle will dry out if you keep it inside the fridge for more than a week. And that’s when things become a little dicey. The cork loosens as it dries out, producing oxidation and alterations in the wine’s taste and fragrance. Furthermore, part of the drink’s bubbles will be lost.  

When it comes to keeping an opened bottle of prosecco, the refrigerator is the only choice. Even if you think you’ve successfully reinserted the cork into the bottle, you should never store an opened prosecco at room temperature.

How to keep opened Prosecco in the fridge?

You can keep opened prosecco in the fridge but only for a few days. The difference between a delightful and effervescent Prosecco and a stinky, flat, and rotten Prosecco may be determined by how you keep it.

After Opening

Cool air reduces the production of gas bubbles, so putting Prosecco in the fridge after opening is the best method to store it. To avoid spilling, make sure the prosecco bottle is upright.

It’s not tough to complete a bottle of Prosecco, but there’s no use in wasting the remainder of the bottle if you just want a glass. Because it can be kept and preserved for several days after opening, you may finish off the balance of the bottle throughout the following few days.

However, maintaining the sparkle in your Prosecco is a struggle. wine stopper made exclusively for sparkling wines to guarantee that your Prosecco stays effervescent after you’ve opened it. 

If you store your Prosecco in the fridge with a wine cork, it will stay fresh and bubbly for around five days. According to an ancient story, putting one silver spoon in the mouth of a bottle will help an opened bottle of Prosecco keep its fizz.

It seems to work, so if you don’t have a wine stopper, it’s worth a go. When the cork is removed from the bottle, the quality of the prosecco rapidly deteriorates, therefore it is preferable to drink it while it is still fresh. 

Although these techniques will keep your Prosecco drinking for several days after opening, don’t expect it to taste exactly the same as it did when the cork was removed.

What is the shelf life of prosecco?

A Bottle of prosecco may last for years depending on how it is stored. Prosecco that hasn’t been opened or kept properly may keep for up to 2 years.

Prosecco which has been opened, on the other hand, may begin to taste bad within a few days, depending on how it is stored.

Unfortunately, Prosecco is not one of those wines that benefit from aging. The Prosecco will not age well, regardless of whether it is organic or sugar-free.

It loses its flavor character and sparkles faster than other varieties of wine due to its high sugar level.

It does not normally spoil, although it might acquire odd flavors. Prosecco will lose its fizz as well as its distinct flavor character with time, resulting in a dull texture and taste.

Sparkling Prosecco will frequently be flat years after it was produced, therefore it’s always advisable to enjoy sparkling wines first since they don’t age as well as other varieties of wine.

When storing prosecco, humidity is also a consideration. Prosecco should not be exposed to humidity since it may impair the flavor, texture, and appearance.

Simply glancing at your Prosecco will tell you if it’s gone bad; if it’s yellow or brown when you serve it, it’s not supposed to taste wonderful.

The Prosecco may also be smelt before tasting it; if it lacks the characteristic zing or smells musty, pour it down the drain.

To be sure, it’s preferable to consume your favorite Prosecco before it’s two years old, preferably before a year, so you can be sure it’ll retain its lovely fruity aromas while remaining sparkling.


In this brief article, we answered the question “can you put prosecco in the fridge after opening?” We further discussed how to keep opened prosecco in the fridge. In the end, we know what is the shelf life of prosecco. 


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