Can you put edible images in the fridge?

In this brief text we will provide the answer to the question: “Can you put edible images in the fridge?”. In addition, we will explain how to apply edible paper on the cake and what cake toppings can you apply to the edible paper.

Can you put edible images in the fridge?

Ideally you shouldn’t put edible images in the fridge. Depending on the temperature of the room or the cake, the paper may undergo some changes. This is because if you leave the cake in the refrigerator with the edible paper for a few days, it may change, as the refrigerator environment generates a lot of humidity.

Ideally, place your cake in its own box or plastic container with a lid. Then he is safe even for the next day. If you put the paper in and it cracks right away, the problem lies in the consistency of the whipped cream, which has been whipped too much. Leave to put the edible paper almost time to break the cake, so it will have a better consistency.

How to apply edible paper on the cake?

To apply, you will need the paper with the print of your choice, pastry gel (also known as glitter gel), a plastic spatula and a soft culinary brush — no reusing that brush you use for other functions without being culinary, huh?!

First: It is worth remembering that we are dealing with a paper with a fine texture, delicate, and therefore, fragile. So wash your hands and dry them well.

Time to prepare the ground: The cover must have the smoothest surface possible, as this will facilitate the application of the paper — without those highs and lows, forming unwanted bubbles.

Pay attention to the surface on which you will apply the paper: it is a dry surface, like fondant, or wet, as in the case of whipped cream and marshmallow.

Dry surface: in these cases, with the soft brush or spatula, apply a thin layer of gloss gel on the place where the paper will be applied. You can choose to iron on the back of the paper as well, but gently to avoid tearing or smudging. After ironing, dry your hands and apply it carefully and quickly on the cake! Otherwise, the paper may become too soft, making it difficult to use.

Wet surface: in these cases, you can dispense with the use of gel, as the meringue or whipped cream, for example, will make it easier for the paper to adhere to the icing.

Try to be very precise when applying: If necessary, adjust all the small details: run your dry hand lightly over the places where it gets wrinkled — and always very carefully to avoid tearing the paper or smudging. Move from the center to the edges to avoid warping the paper.

If bubbles form: You can pop them with the help of a pin or needle.

As soon as the paper is properly applied, with the surface well stretched and smooth, apply another layer of confectioner’s gel with the brush: All very carefully so as not to smudge, tear or move it out of place. The gel will enhance the colors of the paper, giving it shine and making your cake much more attractive!

What cake toppings can I apply to edible paper?

Icing on a cake can be made with fondant, royal icing, buttercream and pastry tips. But for those who don’t have much skill in confectionery, a good option is to use rice paper, which is edible. It can be used on cookies, cakes, cupcakes and pies.

The first thing to be clear is that your hands always need to be dry and clean when handling rice paper, because it can tear easily.

When decorating the cake, leave the area where the paper will be applied very smooth, to avoid flaws with higher or lower parts. It is important that the paper is well stretched over the cake.

If the cake is made with fondant, before applying the paper it is necessary to place a thin layer of icing gel directly on the cake or on the reverse side of the rice paper. For this, use a plastic spatula to spread the gel, at this point it is important to be careful not to tear it. 

The gel must be fast paced, because the paper will absorb the gel in a few seconds. If not done correctly, it can be too soft to apply. The cake with a surface of whipped cream, meringue or marshmallow, does not need gel, as the moisture of these ingredients already guarantees adhesion.

After using the gel, your hands must be dry for a careful application of the paper to the cake. In the wrinkled parts the paper only needs to be of a light pressure from the center to the edges.

If there are bubbles, use a needle to poke them. Then press the place for the air outlet. Finally, when the paper is well stretched, apply another layer of glitter gel on top with a soft brush. After applying the paper, finish decorating the cake.


In this brief text we provided the answer to the question: “Can you put edible images in the fridge?”. In addition, we explained how to apply edible paper on the cake and what cake toppings can you apply to the edible paper.


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