Can you put CorningWare on the stove?

In this brief guide, we are going to answer the question “can you put CorningWare on the stove” with an in-depth analysis of the consequences of putting CorningWare on the stove which does not cause any problem but in fact may result in a lot of beneficial outcomes.

Moreover, we are going to highlight what CorningWare is, how its heat-resistant properties are beneficial, and how we can use them in our daily life.

Can you put CorningWare on the stove?

CorningWare can be used for heating purposes on stoves. The vast applications of CorningWare include the usage of these wares for storage in the freezer or refrigerator, for serving purposes, and directly heating the food in the microwave, under a broiler, in the oven, and on the stovetop.

These vast range of applications, from using to store foods in a freezer or refrigerator to heating food on the stove is due to a unique material of which the CorningWare is made. This material is resistant to sudden changes in the external temperature and can tolerate maximum to minimum heat.


CorningWare is ceramic cookware that can be used for cooking but should be handled with great care. CorningWare was originally a name of the brand that was employed to produce cookware made of a unique glass-ceramic material, Pyroceram.

Cookware made of ceramic is known to have strong temperature tolerating properties, including cold temperature in the freezer to hot temperature on the stove or microwave. Moreover, CorningWare should be handled with care as these may break when falling on the floor and cause harm.

The material from which the CorningWare is made is of amazing quality that has very strong resistant properties to thermal shock that enable them to be used for direct heating purposes without any damage to the material as well as to the food placed inside these wares. You can read about handling the CorningWare here.

Heat resistance of CorningWare:

The CorningWare is resistant to heat due to the unexceptional heat-bearing property of the ceramic material used for making them. The ceramic wares usually tolerate the temperature to about 850 degrees Fahrenheit. This cookware cannot work on induction stovetop as they do not respond to the magnetic field.

In this regard, we can easily use CorningWare to eat foods that need very high heat for proper cooking. Some of the most common foods that need to be cooked at high temperatures are meat, fish, and beef.

Cooking safety:

The CorningWare is safe to be used for cooking purposes as it can retain heat very well and a very low amount of energy or heat is required to cook the food. This cooking speed can be enhanced by preheating the pan before cooking.

The ceramic material also retains heat very well which means that once the food is cooked, it can be kept warm for a few hours if covered with a lid. Therefore, this can help keep the foods warm for several hours without the need of reheating them again and again and due to the attractive designs of these wares, the food can be directly served in these ware.

The CorningWare is also safe for cooking in that the ceramic material can be used in many different heating devices without the risk of leaching any harmful or toxic material from the compounds or material of which the cookware is made.

Uses of CorningWare:

  • CorningWare has versatile applications in the kitchen from storing the food in the freezer to cooking the food materials on the stovetop, mainly due to its heat-bearing properties.
  • CorningWare can easily be cleaned without much effort due to its shiny and smooth surface. The ware also does not pick any stain or retain odors unlike other metals and plastic wares.
  • The heat-retaining property of CorningWare also enables it to cook the food without using too much energy and food can also be cooked faster and quicker.
  • CorningWare can be used to prepare food on all types of stoves or heating appliances, such as gas stove, electric stove, microwave oven, broiler, glass stovetop, and ceramic stovetop.
  • For stirring the food inside the CorningWare, always use wooden, plastic, or nylon utensils. Metals utensils are not best for use as they can scratch or damage the surface of the cookware.


In this brief guide, we answered the question “can you put CorningWare on the stove” with an in-depth analysis of the outcomes of putting CorningWare on the stove that provides a wide range of beneficial results as well as helps in an amazing way to cook food in the kitchen.

Moreover, we discussed what CorningWare is, what are their uses, how cooking in them is safe and sound, and how their heat-bearing properties make them durable to use for a longer duration.


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