Can you put coffee creamer in tea?

In this article, we will answer the question “Can you put coffee creamer in tea?”, and how much creamer should you put in tea?

Can you put coffee creamer in tea?

Yes, you can put coffee creamer in tea. It is a perfect substitute for milk as It adds a lot of flavor and creaminess to tea. While some teas might not go well with creamer, others pair well with it.

Types of coffee creamers

Each of the following types of coffee creamers behaves differently with tea. Hence, providing different flavors and textures. Therefore, you must have knowledge of all kinds of creamers so that you know when to out which creamer and in how much amount.

Liquid creamer

Liquid creamer si one of the most common types of coffee creamy. It is readily available and ranges in flavors from vanilla to peppermint mocha. It pairs great with tea giving a smooth and silky texture to the tea.

Powdered creamer 

Powered creamer is easy to handle and is space friendly, hence, the best choice for when traveling. It needs to be mixed thoroughly with tea whilst It is still hot or you might end up with clumps of this powdered creamer in your tea.

Almond milk creamer 

It is a great dairy-free substitute for the regular creamer. Both of these taste the same except the almond milk creamer imparts a nutty flavor when mixed with tea. Make sure you warm it up before adding it to hot tea or else you will end p with clumps of almond milk creamer in your tea.

Soy milk creamer

Yet another dairy-free substitute for regular creamer, soy milk creamer is less sweet than almond milk creamer. Just like almond milk creamer, soy milk creamer will also curdle If poured cold in the tea. Make sure you warm it up before mixing it in your tea. 

Coconut milk creamer 

Coconut milk creamer imparts a mild coconut-y, floral and nutty flavor to the tea so make sure you are fine with your tea giving an aftertaste of coconut. Due to the high saturated fat content, coconut milk creamer adds a lot of richness and creaminess to your tea.

Oat milk creamer 

The best thing about this dairy-free substitute for regular creamer is that It won’t curdle when poured cold into tea so one less worry. It is sweet and subtle in flavor and adds a lot of creaminess to your tea.

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How much creamer should I put in tea?

The amount of creamer added to tea varies from person to person and depends on one’s taste and preferences. However, 1 tbsp is a good start off. The more creamer you add, the milkier your tea will be with less taste of tea. More creamer will also lead to more sweetness.

How do I avoid curdling together?

The problem of curdling is consistent with a lot of creamers. This happens because of the reaction that takes place when milk is added to the tea with an acidic ph. 

The results are more pronounced in the case of more acidic teas like lemon and hibiscus tea. The best way to solve this problem is to always warm up the creamer before adding it to the tea and choosing a non-acidic tea.

Teas best with creamers

Chocolate Hazelnut Tea

This caffeine-free dessert tea makes for a great morning and afternoon tea.

Caramel Almond Black Tea

This tea with fresh apple pieces and cinnamon chips is perfect comfort food.

Vanilla Sugar Cookie Tea

Though It does not include an actual cookie this tea mixed with vanilla creamer is a perfect way to jazz up the regular tea.

Sweet Spot Butterscotch Black Tea

With the goodness of chocolate and vanilla, butterscotch tea is a perfect delight for cold nights.

Different uses for coffee creamer 

In addition to the following uses, coffee creamers can also be added to fruits, cake icing, mashed potatoes, etc.

  1. You can add a tablespoon or two of the pumpkin spice, eggnog, and peppermint-flavored coffee creamers to your hot chocolate.
  1. For extra flavor, you can add vanilla or other flavors of coffee creamers to your morning hot cereals like oatmeal, Cream of Wheat, Malt-o-Meal, and even granola. Adjust the amount of water and milk If you add creamer to your cereal.
  1. For a new flavor, add mocha, buttercream, or cinnamon-flavored coffee creamers to your regular waffle or pancake batters. Adjust the amount of water and other liquids.


In this article, we answered the question “Can you put coffee creamer in tea?”, and how much creamer should you put in tea?


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