Can you put cigars in the refrigerator?

In this brief guide we will answer the question, “can you put cigars in the refrigerator?” We will also get to know the proper ways to store cigars and the harms of storing cigars in the refrigerator.

Can you put cigars in the refrigerator?

No, you can’t put your cigars in the refrigerator. The cool dry air will dry out your cigars in no time. It’s a popular misperception that keeping cigars fresh by freezing or refrigerating them is a good idea. Unless you want a cigar that has absorbed all the moisture from the fridge, nothing could be further from the truth.

Cigars need to breathe, so they aren’t kept in completely sealed conditions. In any condition, you can’t keep your cigar in a sealed plastic bag or an air-tight container; this will trap the moisture in the cigar and ruin it.

What are the proper ways to store your cigars?

The first thing to remember is that cigars should be kept in a humidor until they’re ready to be smoked. You can preserve adequately humidified cigars in a sealed plastic bag with a tiny, damp paper towel for a day or so if necessary.

Keeping your cigar in a humidor is an expensive way of storing it. If you can’t store it in a humidor we have alternative ways. Cigars do not deteriorate or ‘expire’ in the same way that food does. 

Cigars can lose moisture and become stale over time, affecting their flavour. This leads to a less pleasurable smoking experience, but not one that is any more harmful.

Ziploc bag

In order to store cigars for a shorter duration, you can store them in a humid ziplock bag to make it a humid wra[ a damp piece of cloth around the cigars. 

Fill the bag with the sponge and close it tightly. For several weeks, the sponge will keep the setup damp. Just make sure to check on the cigars from time to time to make sure the sponge hasn’t dried out.

Tupperware container or jar

A Tupperware container or glass jar can be used as a makeshift humidor if you need a little extra protection. These are useful if you need to preserve more than a few cigars. 

To store cigars in the Tupperware or jar to maintain humidity you can use a wet piece of cloth but you have to use clean and distilled water in order to prevent mould growth which will spoil the cigars.

Small cooler

If you are planning to store your cigars for a longer duration, let’s say for more than a month, a cooler will be an economical and suitable option that will help to entrap the humidity in the cigars and will not let them spoil.

While a damp sponge will suffice, you might want to invest in a gallon of distilled water, good humidification equipment, and a hydrometer. 

Why should you not store your cigars in the refrigerator?

  • Cigars do not go well in an air-tight sealed container in the refrigerator, this will damage your cigar by not allowing it to breathe properly. Cigars placed in a plastic box with a moist cloth will get over-saturated and may mould after a short period.
  • The cool and dry air of the refrigerator will dry out your cigar and this will also remove the flavour of your cigar.
  • The cigar can absorb smells. It will absorb from the refrigerator and will not be the same in flavour.
  • Improper storage of cigars will lead to the destruction of their microbiota. A study shows that the bacterial microbiome of small cigars has been shown to change over time as a result of storage conditions.
  • A suitable temperature for cigar storage is 70 degrees F  with a humidity of 70%. There is one uncommon exception to putting your cigars in the freezer for a short period, and that is if your humidor is infested with cigar beetles.

Why is choosing a humidor a good option to store cigars?

A humidor is an aesthetically simple mechanism that keeps cigars fresh by keeping them in conditions similar to those in which the tobacco was grown, matured, and rolled.

A cigar can dry out and die as rapidly as the most delicate flower if left out in a hot or air-conditioned room for more than an hour. Cigars can be preserved for years in a properly managed humidor with a climate that closely resembles that of a tropical island.


In this brief guide we answered the question, “can you put cigars in the refrigerator?” We also got to know the proper ways to store cigars and the harms of storing cigars in the refrigerator.


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