Can you put baking cups in the oven?

In this brief article, we will answer the question “Can you put baking cups in the oven” and explore the uses of types of baking cups in a little more detail. We shall also see some alternatives to baking cups in case they are not available at home.

Can you put baking cups in the oven?

Yes, you can put baking cups in the oven. They are specifically designed to withstand the heat in the oven when making muffins, cupcakes and so on. These cups are usually safe to be used in the oven as long as you are using them correctly.

What are baking cups and their uses?

Baking cups are usually used in tandem with muffins or cupcake tins to line them. This can be used to make a large variety of cupcakes, muffins and fairycakes. Baking cups come in both paper form, foil form as well as in a silicon base that is a bit sturdier but still requires the tin for support. Some silicon and foil cups can stand on their own and hence do not require pans. They can even be used to serve and store chocolates. 

The paper variant of the baking cups is coated in a layer of wax that makes it heat-resistant and are single-use and disposable. The silicone baking cups, however, can be washed and re-used and are thus more sustainable and cost-effective if being used at home. These days, baking cups come in a whole range of colours, patterns and sizes. 

To use, place the cups appropriately in the centre of the baking tins, greasing the insides of the baking cups with oil or butter so that the removal of the baked good is smooth. Then place the dough or batter into the cup, such that it does not exceed more than three-fourths of the cup’s volume. This is because while cooking, the batter/dough will expand and if too much is added, will overflow and make a mess. 

After baking, let cool for at least 15 minutes and depending on the cups used, they can either be peeled off the baked good or eaten directly from it. 

Baking cups are ideal, for both household cooking and mass production for many reasons. They retain moisture unlike when used with baking pans directly, especially when being stored, as the liners/cups act as a layer of protection to retain the moisture. They also maintain a consistent shape and form and result in both a visually appealing and delicious baked good! 

Using single-use cups reduce the cleanup time drastically especially when large volumes of cupcakes or muffins are being baked. The overall presentation can be customised to your desire by using cups of different kinds. But make sure to account for the baking time when the cups’ sizes vary. 

Keep in mind that finding the right size of baking cups for your baking tin is important as if they are too big, it can distort the shape of the cake, and if too small, can cause spillage or here too, a distorted shape. 

What are some alternatives to baking cups in the oven?

1. Parchment paper

Parchment paper can be cut into the appropriate dimensions and lined along the baking tin holders as a replacement to baking cups. They can be greased to ensure that the baked good doesn’t get stuck to the paper and get wasted. They can be cut and arranged in pleats as well for that added touch of decoration and presentation

2. Greased cupcake/muffin tins

In the shortage of baking cups, you can bake your cupcakes or muffins directly in the baking tins, as long as you ensure to grease them well to ensure they don’t stick. Of course, this requires the tin to be washed well and also stands the risk of being burned because of the batter’s direct contact with the metal in the tin. However, this is your next best option after parchment paper. 

Keep in mind that you can not use plain old aluminium foil as a replacement or alternative as this can result in sticking as well as burning of the baked goods. Remember that aluminium foil is far different from the foil liners; the liners have a layer of wax coating that ensure the batter does not stick.

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Thus in this article we have answered the question “Can I put baking cups in the oven”. As seen, we can put them in the oven. There are many types and its usage has been outlined as well. In the case that you find yourself out of liners or baking cups, the possible alternatives have been mentioned as well.