Can you put a yeti cup in the fridge?

In this brief guide, we are going to answer the question “can you put a yeti cup in the fridge” with an in-depth analysis of the potential effects of putting a yeti cup in the fridge. Moreover, we are going to highlight what happens when you put a Yeti cup in a fridge and freezer, what a Yeti cup is and why it is expensive.

Can you put a yeti cup in the fridge?

Yes, you can safely place the yeti cups in a fridge without worrying about any adverse outcomes. This equipment usually comes with the instruction not to put it in the freezer as freezing causes certain damages to the quality of these cups but it is okay for it to be placed in the fridge.

These cups are designed in such a way to handle both hot as well as cold temperatures. The main reason behind not putting them in the freezer is an expansion of liquid inside the cups that exert pressure over the vacuum sealing and result in the damaging of these cups. But they are thought to be compatible with fridges.

Yeti cups in a fridge:

Yeti cups are safe for putting in the fridge as the temperature range is not problematic for the durability, functioning, or quality of these cups in any way. If you pour a cold beverage or drink in these cups and place them in the fridge, your beverage may stay cool for relatively a longer duration as compared to that when placed at room temperature.

cups are made of double insulating walls that do not allow the movement of temperature from outside to inside whereas the inside temperature can still pass through this wall and the temperature change of the liquid is completely due to the movement of heat from inside to outside.

The benefit of longer-lasting liquid cooling is not attributed to the penetration of cooling from the fridge to the inside of the cups. The cups placed in liquid still have the potential to allow the emitting of heat but the presence of a lower temperature in the surrounding will not allow the liquids to become warm quickly.

Yeti cups in a freezer:

The Yeti cups come with a label “do not place in the freezer”. This may be because liquids, upon freezing, expand and cover more space. This expansion of liquid can exert pressure on the walls or lid of the enclosed cup and cause them to be misshaped.

Sometimes, the pressure is so intense that it may break the seal or welds of the cups and make the cups useless for holding liquids anymore.

Yeti Rambler:

Yeti ramblers are the small drinkware, having an infrastructure similar to that of the coolers. These ramblers include stainless-steel tumblers, bottles, can insulators, mugs, wine tumblers, and jugs, all of which have a double-walled vacuum seal. This drinkware has an extraordinary property keeping the liquids hot and cold due to their insulating character.

Yeti cups:

Yeti cups are the smallest offspring of Yeti coolers, which are designed through the use of advanced technology for keeping the liquids cool for a long duration. They are also durables, easy to clean, and highly cost-effective. These features enable them to be best suited for keeping the liquids cool.

Cost of Yeti tumbler cups:

Yeti cups are normally expensive as compared to other cups or tumbler cups of other brands. This is due to the high quality and long-lasting durability of these cups. So, it is quite appropriate to spend your money once and benefit yourself for a long duration.

Moreover, this equipment is also designed in such a way that it can be cleaned easily and is also dishwasher safe. It is also extremely durable and well insulated. If you put ice in this cup, it is capable of keeping that ice intact for about 1-2 days and also can keep the hot drinks hot for above 12 hours.

The Yeti cups also come with a special warranty package of 5 years that makes this product to be more preferred among the buyers. Therefore, you are not just paying for a cup case, you are going to benefit yourself from a high-quality product for a long duration.

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In this brief guide, we answered the question “can you put a yeti cup in the fridge” with an in-depth analysis of the potential effects of placing a yeti cup in a fridge and freezer. Moreover, we discussed what happens when you put a Yeti cup in a fridge and freezer, what are Yeti cups, and why they are so expensive.


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