Can you plant sprouted potatoes?

In this brief guide, we will answer the question “ Can you plant sprouted potatoes?” with an in-depth analysis of how we can plant sprouted potatoes? Moreover, we will also discuss why potatoes sprout and methods to plant sprouted potatoes.

Can you plant sprouted potatoes?

Yes, you can plant sprouted potatoes. Sprouted potatoes have a great tendency to grow indoors and outdoors as well. They have numerous tiny root structures erupting by the formation of sprouts.

Why do potatoes sprout?

Sprouting of the potatoes is usually seen in excess during the spring season. They sprout or form buds outside their peels, showing that they have broken their dormancy.

Like every other living cell, potatoes have a reproductive capability. This capability makes them sprout and attempt to make a new plant. Potatoes contain special cells called meristems in their buds, which grow to form stems or roots.

Potatoes are known as starchy vegetables. This means they have a vast reserve of starch. When a potato starts to reproduce by growing sprouts, starches have started to get converted to sugars.

When given appropriate reproductive conditions of temperature, humidity, air, light, etc, they utilize their sugar reserves and other nutrients for making a new plant, beginning with sprout formation.

Significance of a sprouting potato:

A sprouting potato is the start of a new life. The sprouts or buds that grow on the surface of potato or bulging eyes are capable of transformation into a new plant.

How to plant sprouted potatoes?

In order to plant sprouted potatoes you should follow the given steps:

Take into account the right weather conditions:

The right time for planting sprouted potatoes is mid to late summers. During this time the weather conditions are best for the growth of potatoes. The temperature of the soil is between 40 – 50 Fahrenheit, providing optimum conditions for incubation.

  • Planting during winters: if you plant the sprouted potatoes during fall, it will bring in new life to the buried parent plant. During winters, when snow falls it will decrease the temperature of the soil and also will accumulate above the ground.
  • Both these conditions are not suitable for potato growth.

Preparation of Potatoes For Planting (Chitting & Cutting)

Now that you have an idea of when to plant, it’s time to prepare the seed potatoes themselves for planting. A seed potato is simply a potato (or a piece of a potato) that has a bud (eye) that can grow into a new plant.

  •  What is chitting?

It is a process of making potatoes sprout properly before planting them. This procedure ensures the greater growth capacity of the sprouted plant.

Preparing the potatoes:

  1. First, cut the potato into several smaller pieces.  Try to leave one sprouted eye or bulb on each piece of potato.
  1. You can plant each piece of potato separately.
  1. That way, you can give each piece of sprouted potato enough space to grow. This will prevent competition among plants for water and nutrients in the soil.
  1. Then, leave the potato pieces out for a few days, to give them a chance to dry out. This will help to prevent rot after you plant the potatoes.

Choosing the correct site for planting sprouted potatoes:

Here are a few parameters are given to be kept in mind while choosing the correct space for planting sprouted potatoes:

  1. Choose A Sunny Spot
  2. Make sure that the soil is well hydrated.
  3. Check the pH of the soil

The pH of the soil: look for the soil with acidic pH. Avoid highly acidic soil as it can cause scarring of the potatoes.

Dig the space or choose the right container:

According to the quantity of the sprout potato cuttings, dig holes 4 inches deep and 1 foot apart in a row.

Plant the sprouted potatoes:

When the potato pieces are dry and scabbed over, it is time to plant them in the holes or trenches that you dug. Plant them at a distance of 1  foot from each other to give them enough space to grow without competition.

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How to sprout potatoes?

If you want to make your potatoes sprout, store them in a warm, damp, light environment. 

Potatoes that are bought from local stores are often treated with sprout inhibitors. As a result, they often won’t sprout as well as untreated seed potatoes.

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In this brief guide, we have answered the question “ Can you plant sprouted potatoes?” with an in-depth analysis of how we can plant sprouted potatoes? Moreover, we have also discussed why potatoes sprout and what methods are used to plant sprouted potatoes.

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