Can you pay cash with DoorDash? (+3 Tips for Dashers)

This blogpost will discuss if you can pay cash with DoorDash. In addition to this, we will explain the different useful features that are available in DoorDash. We will also be mentioning a few tips that Dashers on DoorDash can use in order to make more money while delivering food for customers.

Can you pay cash with DoorDash?

Yes, you can pay for your food with cash in DoorDash. In addition to cash, DoorDash accepts many other forms of payments, such as credit cards, debit cards, online banking and even digital wallets like Google Pay, iOS Pay and Amazon Pay. Furthermore, customers can also pay for their food using coupons and promo codes that can help them save a few bucks.

Useful features in DoorDash

DoorDash operates in five countries as of now, namely the United States, Canada, Australia, Japan and even Germany. The popularity of this food delivery app is because of its very simple nature which guarantees ease of use, along with a curation of smart features, such as the ones described below.

DoorDash has pre-ordering facilities

DoorDash allows its customers to order food much in advance. This can be extremely useful for those who have very busy schedules or those who tend to be forgetful. The pre-ordering can be done for up to seven days in advance after which the customer is notified frequently of the proceedings of the food order.

It has a DoubleDash option

One of its most recent features is the DoubleDash option. Through this option, the customers can place orders for meals from any restaurant and can also choose items for pick up from nearby convenience stores. The customer will be automatically notified of DoubleDash options, which make it easy for them as well as the Dashers.

It allows various types of deliveries

DoorDash is not only used by millions for the delivery of food. The app can also be used to order groceries and other household items from convenience stores. When the customers have chosen certain items for pick up from a certain store, the assigned Dasher will go and pick up these items and deliver them safely to the customer.

DoorDash uses SafeDash

DoorDash also has a SafeDash option through which the safety of the Dashers is guaranteed and ensured. This SafeDash option can be chosen by the Dasher at times when they feel that their safety is being threatened. The feature will put the Dasher in touch with an ADT agent who will stay on the line with them until they feel safe again.

It has a double rating feature

Customers who use DoorDash will find that they will need to rate each order on two different levels. The app asks customers to rate the quality of the food that has been delivered. The customer will also need to rate the quality of the delivery and how it was handled by the delivery person. This option makes it much easier for other customers to use the app.

It makes ordering food easier

The process of ordering food itself becomes a whole lot easier in DoorDash, mainly as the platform has smartly categorized the restaurants and dishes in various groups. Customers can easily pick certain filters through which they will be able to view the most appropriate restaurant that matches their taste.

It uses push notifications

DoorDash also has push notifications through which the customer will be alerted about the proceedings of their food order or their grocery order. The push notifications can be customized to a certain extent and customers can also choose the mode through which they want to be notified.

It also has a digital card feature

DoorDash aims to be a part of its customers’ journeys and celebrate their milestones in life. To help customers celebrate one another, this food delivery app allows users to send meals to others in the form of gift orders. They can further attach digital cards where they can write personal messages.

Tips for Dashers on DoorDash

The delivery persons who pick up and deliver items for DoorDash are called Dashers. Being a Dasher is a pretty popular way through which thousands earn money and make their living. Some tips that Dashers can use have been listed as follows.

  • It always pays to be great at customer service. This includes smiling warmly and greeting the customer and also wishing them a great day. Dashers also need to practice alerting the customer about delays in the order and any changes from the restaurant.
  • Make sure that parking violations are not being carried out. Parking tickets can be very expensive and can cut into the earnings, especially if done on a regular basis.
  • Separating the contents of the food order in the insulated bag can also help in making your food delivery more successful. This will make sure that the hot food stays hot and the cold food stays icy cold.


This blogpost has discussed if you can pay cash with DoorDash. In addition to this, we have explained the different useful features that are available in DoorDash. We have also mentioned a few tips that Dashers on DoorDash can use in order to make more money while delivering food for customers.

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