Can you open a fridge from the inside?

In this article, we will answer the question “Can you open a fridge from the inside?”, and how long a warm fridge takes to cool?

Can you open a fridge from the inside?

Yes, you can open a fridge from the inside. After the Refrigerator Safety Act was passed in 1956, it was obligatory to make fridge doors openable from the inside. 

This is when the companies started to manufacture refrigerators that opened and closed using a magnetic mechanism. 

This law resulted in a significant decrease in refrigerator-related deaths because the vintage refrigerators only opened from the outside. 

Read on If you want to know whether your food is safe or not after you left the fridge door ajar. This article also includes a brief guide on how you can sell your mini-fridge.

Is the food safe if I left the fridge door open?

If the fridge door was slightly ajar and the inside temperature was maintained below 40 degrees, your food is safe. 

The fridge will use extra power to maintain the temperature but this won’t be a problem If your fridge is new and it’s a cool-weather outside.

If the temperature went above 40 degrees and the food feels warm upon touching, you should quickly get rid of the perishable items. 

This is particularly important If your fridge was old or the weather was hot outside in which case the fridge might not be able to maintain the temperature below 40 for more than 2 hours.

In most cases, you can get away with leaving your fridge open for 2-4 hours. This time varies with the age of the fridge, the type of food contained in the fridge, the model of the fridge, how full the fridge is, and the kitchen temperature. 

An old fridge is less likely to keep cool for more than 2hours If the door is left ajar. If the fridge contained more perishables, they will not last long. 

If the fridge is full, It is more likely to keep cool by preventing the circulation of warm air. Similarly, a cooler outside temperature will keep the food from going off faster.

How long does a warm fridge take to cool?

This is the first question that pops in your head right when you finish deep cleaning your fridge. On average, it takes about 3 and 24 hours for your fridge to cool from warm temperatures. 

This time is affected by various factors like the age of your fridge, the average temperature of the food items in your fridge, your kitchen temperature, your fridge model, and how often the fridge door is opened. 

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How to recharge a mini-fridge?

Where can I sell my mini-fridge?

Sell it on craigslist 

Craigslist is a great option If you want to sell your used mini fridge that is in working condition. Just list your mini fridge on sale for a reasonable price and the interested people will get in contact with you.

Sell it on a yard sale 

Arrange a yard sale to sell your mini-fridge along with some other items or appliances from your garage that you no longer use. Promote your yard sale in local papers and on Craigslist to attract the audience. 

Add the offer for delivery and list the delivery price. Here you can add your profit and get some extra cash from your sale.

Sell the scrap metal in it 

This is a great option if your mini-fridge is no longer working. Sell the scrap metal parts to scrap metal companies or individual recyclers. You can add profit. 

Got Scarp is a great website to sell and buy scrap parts from old appliances that are not in working condition. If you fail to navigate any recyclers through these websites, try Yelp. This website gives you information about authentic scrap recyclers. 

Call an appliance recycling center 

Appliance recycling centers take your old appliances and give you cash for them. This might not always be the case. Some companies might charge money from you for bringing up the appliance. 

It is important to know how the center operates. These recycling centers even pay you for aluminum cans. So, take other such items with you that might bring cash.

Call local power companies 

These companies might give you a refund or pay you in cash for your old appliances. Search for nearby appliance rebates on the ‘Energy Star website’. For an old working fridge, they might pay you around $35 and offer pickup as well.


In this article, we answered the question “Can you open a fridge from the inside?”, and how long a warm fridge takes to cool?


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