Can you mix bacon grease and vegetable oil?

In this brief guide we are going to answer the question “can you mix bacon grease and vegetable oil” with an in-depth discussion of using bacon grease in different ways. Moreover, we discussed how bacon grease is a healthy choice.

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Can you mix bacon grease and vegetable oil?

Yes, you can add a mix of bacon grease and vegetable oil to your food. Bacon grease may have pieces of bacon in it that will burn at a high temperature and will rancid the oil. So there is a need to strain the bacon grease carefully so it must not have any leftover bacon pieces in it. 

However, if you are planning to make baked dishes or sauteing the vegetables then a combination of bacon grease and vegetable oil would be a great choice. But be careful when using the combination for deep frying. 

Bacon is the meat of pork from its fatty belly or other parts that further salt-cured to give flavorful meat. It is widely consumed in the USA and other European countries for breakfast. Bacon and eggs with a cup of coffee make a perfect breakfast. 

When you cook your bacon in the pan the leftover is bacon grease that is smoky flavored and can be used in many different ways. Most of the time, bacon grease is thrown away. But you can save this grease and can use it in many different recipes to add smoky flavor and a perfect mouthfeel. 

Different ways to use leftover bacon grease 

Bacon grease is used in many recipes to add the perfect juicy flavors and to boost the taste of the recipe. Here are some ways to use bacon grease in a perfect way 

Roast vegetables

You can add bacon grease while roasting vegetables in the pan. Just add bacon grease over the vegetable and boost the salty and smoky flavor of your veggies. It’s a perfect choice for sauteing vegetables instead of adding olive oil or other vegetable oils. Just add bacon grease over the vegetables and let it melt. 

Fry Burgers

For making your burgers extra juicy add a punch of bacon grease and then let it boost the flavors. You can also fry burger patties with little bacon grease and this will add salty and smoky flavor to burgers. 

Stovetop popcorn 

Add a little bacon grease to the pan and then add corn in it. Cover it and wait to hear them pop. This will make the best flavorful popcorn ever. Now, you can enjoy watching a good movie with salty popcorn. After this, you will regret using vegetable oil for popping popcorns and will choose bacon grease over vegetable oil. 

Fry grilled cheese sandwiches 

Have you ever tried bacon grease for frying cheesy sandwiches in the pan? If not, then you must give it a try and you will not regret it. The Smokey and salty flavor of bacon grease add the perfect pack of flavor to sandwiches and then melted cheese gives a perfect punch to the sandwiches. 

Fry Hash Brown

When it comes to eating a perfect hash brown, we always prefer crispy outside of it with a bunch of flavors. Simply try it with bacon grease and you will forget to use butter or vegetable oils for the next time. 

Spread on pizza crust 

While making pizza crust, brush it with bacon grease and will notice the perfect crispy crust outside and heaven of flavors inside. 

Fry Eggs 

Season a cast iron pan with bacon grease and then fry eggs in it. This will add a smoky and salty flavor to the eggs. Fried eggs are perfect for the morning breakfast. Tasty fried eggs, butter toast, and a cup of coffee make a perfect breakfast. Moreover, bacon grease can be added to an omelette as well. 

Bake with Bacon grease  

Bacon grease can be completely replaced with butter. It will perfectly melt in baking and add flavors to baked goods. This will make crispy baked pies, biscuits, potatoes, and other goods. 

Why is bacon grease a good choice for cooking? 

Bacon grease is a perfect choice for cooking because it is healthier than butter and vegetable oils and contains 2mg extra saturated fatty acids than butter. Bacon grease is full of monounsaturated fatty acids (good fats) and as compared to butter and oils, it is a healthier choice with less cholesterol and the same calories as the oil. However, it contains more salt (sodium). So, always add a little bit of salt when using beacon grease. 

You can tread the medicinal uses and nutritional value of bacon grease here.

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In this brief guide, we answered the question “can you mix bacon grease and vegetable oil” with an in-depth discussion of using bacon grease in different ways. Moreover, we discussed that how bacon grease is a healthy choice. 



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