Can you keep the red wine once opened?

In this brief article, we are going to answer the question “can you keep red wine once opened?” We will discuss how to store opened red wine. In the end, we will understand how to know if red wine turns bad.  

Can you keep the red wine once opened?

Yes, you can keep red wine once opened. If you keep an opened red wine bottle in a cool, dark place along with a stopper, it will last 3–5 days.

You should keep an opened red wine bottle in a cool, dark, and dry area. At cooler temperatures, wine oxidizes more slowly. Refrigerate any bottles that have been opened and re-corked. 

In order to avoid the bitter flavor of cool red wine, take the bottle from the refrigerator about 30 minutes before serving. When you pour it, it will have returned to ambient temperature.

If your wine is exposed to too much oxidation, it will lose its taste, and if it is exposed to too much air, it will lose its sparkle. 

You can store a closed red wine bottle for a longer time but if you open it, its shelf life will be reduced to a few days. 

Tannic and acidic red wines have a longer shelf life. Store red wines in a cooler or a dark, cold place once they’ve been opened. Instead of drinking the leftover red wine, you may utilize it in the kitchen to make other dishes.

Keep the open bottle of wine at room temperature and away from the light. Even red wines, in most cases, benefit from being kept fresher for longer by utilizing a refrigerator. 

How to store opened red wine?

To properly store an open bottle of wine, you don’t need to be a skilled winemaker or sommelier. Use these wine preservation tips to keep your wine fresh for many days after you’ve opened it. 

The easiest approach to preserve a partially-finished bottle of wine is to use the original cork. It is really easy to do this step if you are using a screw-on wine bottle. 

This process may be difficult if your wine arrived with a plastic cork. Your outcomes with a real cork may vary depending on the cork’s quality. Remember to always insert the cork into the bottle from its opening that was facing inward when you purchased it.

Always use a stopper to protect your opened wine bottle. Having a handful of these stoppers on hand might be the most convenient method to keep wine fresh. 

Some firms provide wine preservation systems with vacuum pumps and slotted rubber corks. You may use these devices to remove air from a wine bottle in order to slow down the oxidation process. 

In recent years, firms have developed methods of opening red wine that do not need the removal of the cork itself. To preserve wine, a needle is inserted into the cork, allowing little quantities to escape via a small hole. This will preserve red wine for a long time. 

How to know if opened red wine turns bad?

There are some indications you should look to check if the red wine trunks are bad. If you see any mild change in opened red wine, do not use it, discard it immediately. Here are some reasons that indicate your opened red wine turns bad.   


To be clear, drinking bad wine won’t harm you, but consuming it isn’t recommended. Due to the fact that the bottle was left open, the wine developed a strong acidic taste that would be like vinegar.

Take a small sip from your opened red wine to check the taste if the taste of wine changes, discard the bottle. 


The wine is hazy and leaves a coating on the bottle’s surface. Many wines are murky at first, but if they were clear before becoming foggy, this might suggest microbial activity in the bottle.

It will become a distinct hue as it begins to brown. There might be a few little bubbles in it.

The bubbles in the bottle are the product of an unanticipated second fermentation. In a sense, you’ve just made sparkling wine. It won’t be as good however, it’ll be curiously acidic and spritzed.


A harsh scent emanates from a red wine bottle that has turned bad as a result of being left exposed. It will have a sour scent, similar to vinegar or thinner.

When wine is exposed to heat and air, bacteria flourish and create bad odors.

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In this brief article, we answered the question “can you keep red wine once opened?” We discussed how to store opened red wine. In the end, we understand how to know if red wine turns bad.