Can you hatch the ender dragon egg?

In this article, we will answer the question “Can you hatch the ender dragon egg?” and discuss how to hatch a dragon egg in Minecraft?

Can you hatch the ender dragon egg?

No, you cannot freeze and hatch the ender dragon egg. As a result, the dragon egg is little more than a decoration for having defeated the Enderdragon. The following are the procedures to take in order to add the egg to your inventory:

As a reward for defeating the Enderdragon, a building constructed of bedrock will appear. It contains void blocks as well as an egg. A single punch to the egg will send you approximately 15 to 20 blocks in the other direction.

To put a bed where the egg is, dig to the side of the egg (so you are digging beneath the egg) and lay a block down. Then proceed down three blocks.

You may then pick up and carry home the egg once you’ve broken through the blocks separating it from the bed.

You may go back to your original spawn point or the location where you last rested by jumping into the bedrock structure.

How to make a Minecraft dragon hatch from an egg

Ender eggs may be fun to hatch in Minecraft, but instead of reading about other people’s experiences, players should try it out for themselves. When they don’t know what the egg contains or what it will do, it’s frightening. New Minecraft players, frequently, may attempt to mine or shatter the egg, causing them to lose all they have worked so hard for.

It’s an incredible journey to get to the very end of Minecraft’s world. Before they confront the Ender Dragon, players must first go deep into the Overworld to collect diamonds and dig solid slabs of obsidian. 

They must also brave the raging lava in the Nether and hunt down the terrifying Endermen hordes. This battle is also difficult, but those who succeed in defeating it get a Dragon Egg as well as a large amount of experience. Players have yet to discover how to hatch this egg, despite their best attempts.

In Minecraft, locate a Dragon Egg.

Players must first locate a Dragon egg if they want to hatch it. The player in Minecraft must fight the Ender Dragon in order to get to the egg. It’s a good idea to have a piston and a lever on hand when the player is getting ready to defeat the dragon.

The egg will appear on a bedrock stack in the centre of the portal’s last zone. In Minecraft, it’s impossible to mine or break this egg. The egg will be lost as a consequence of this action. Pushing the egg off the block is the most common and effective technique of retrieval.

The player must first reach the egg level on the portal’s other side before moving on to the egg. Note that this belongs on the block’s cardinal axis. Not in a diagonal or slanting manner.

The piston should be placed next to the egg when the player has just one block remaining to put there. The orientation of the piston should be toward the egg. The eggs are then pushed away using a lever. In Minecraft, you can get eggs by snatching them up.

It’s possible to knock the egg off the endstone in the end world if a player doesn’t have enough blocks. There will be no damage to the egg, thus using a piston to crack it will still be necessary. The piston and lever should be positioned side by side, with the piston towards the egg. Once you’ve activated the piston, you should be able to reach the egg.

In Minecraft creative mode, you also can’t gift a player dragon eggs. The egg can only be accessed by killing the dragon or using a command block.

Minecraft: The Egg Hatching Process

In Minecraft, the experience of hatching an egg in the end world vs. the overworld is very distinctive and intriguing. Players that want to attain both goals should follow these steps.


In the end, respawning an egg on Minecraft is a lot simpler than it is in the overworld. There’s no need for the egg to leave its initial location at all. For the dragon to respawn the player must have four end crystals or the means and supplies to create them when they go there.

In the Greater Universe

A mod is needed in the Minecraft overworld in order for a player to hatch a dragon egg. Editor’s mod “Baby Ender Dragons Add-On” enables mobile Minecraft users to enjoy the hatchlings on

There is also a mod available from McPEDL that enables players to ride atop the Ender Dragon, providing an additional motivation to hatch the dragon.

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In this article, we answered the question “Can you hatch the ender dragon egg?” and discussed how to hatch a dragon egg in Minecraft?