Can you grind nuts in a coffee grinder?

In this article, we will answer the question “Can you grind nuts in a coffee grinder?”, and which type of coffee grinder is best for grinding coffee?

Can you grind nuts in a coffee grinder?

Yes, you can grind nuts in a coffee grinder. You just need to follow a few steps to get started. These steps are explained below. 

Select the type of nut you want to grind: The type of nut determines its density and hardness. Hard nuts like pecans do not grind as easily as soft walnuts. Therefore, you must carefully select the type of nuts that you intend to grind.

Chop the nuts into halves or quarters before grinding: This is an optional step but it can play a huge role in the longevity of your coffee grinder especially if you frequently use it to grind tough nuts. When you chop the hard nuts into a smaller size, the blades won’t have to put the same amount of work as they need to grind whole nuts.

Grind the nuts in small batches: The blades, burrs, and the nuts themselves need room to grind freely. This ensures that the nuts grind evenly without putting an extra load on your coffee grinder.

How to grind spices in your coffee grinder?

You can easily use a coffee grinder to grind any spice imaginable. The process is as easy as it gets. Simply fill the grinder compartment with the desired spice and grind away. One important thing worth considering here is the amount of spice you grind at a time. 

Overfilling the grinder will compel the spices to settle down, thus, leading to an uneven grind. Moreover, the burrs of the grinder will heat up and stop working when under too much pressure. Always grind a small amount of spice at a time to ensure that you get a uniform grind of the preferred grind size.

Most of the coffee grinders have multiple grind settings so getting the perfect grind size won’t be a problem. 

However, some coffee grinders only operate in a single grind setting. This problem can be tackled by increasing or decreasing the grinding time until the spice has reached the desired grind size. 

Check the spice after regular intervals of about 30 seconds to make sure that you achieve the correct grind size. 

How does the quality of a coffee grinder affect the grind?

The quality of the grind and the quality of the grinder are codependent. A high-quality grinder will have sharper blades or burrs and it can tackle any size of the coffee bean, spices, or nuts. 

Moreover, a high-quality coffee grinder will not heat up easily when used for grinding tough or large coffee beans, nuts or spices. 

Blade and burr grinder: What’s the difference?

Blade grinders

The blade of a blade grinder looks much like a propeller and it does not offer any grind setting. The longer you run the blade grinder, the finer the ground. The inconsistency of the grind is the main setback of the blade grinders.

Burr grinders (conical and flat plate)

The conical burr grinder consists of two cone burrs with ridges that turn your coffee bean into a super fine and consistent powder. 

The flat plate grinder consist of two serrated rings placed side to side, and vertically grind your coffee beans into a fine powder. 

The best thing about burr grinders is that they produce a very fine and consistent grind that brews into the smoothest coffee. 

Which type of coffee grinder is best for grinding coffee?

Burr grinder is a bit expensive, more versatile, and is the top pick for coffee. When it comes to grinding spices, a blade grinder will get the job done just fine. Plus a burr grinder is inexpensive and readily available. 

This does not mean that you have to buy a new burr grinder just to grind your spices. If you already have any of these two grinders, you can adequately grind your spices with satisfactory results.

One demerit about burr grinders is that they are difficult to clean. So, if you use the same burr grinder for grinding coffee and spices, you may end up with a weird taste in your coffee due to the presence of spice residues.

What else can a coffee grinder grind?

Chopped herbs: If you find it a hassle to get consistently chopped herbs every time, opt for the coffee grinder. 

Parmesan cheese: Grinding parmesan cheese in the coffee grinder may sound unconventional but the results are remarkable. It saves both time and effort. 


In this article, we answered the question “Can you grind nuts in a coffee grinder?”, and which type of coffee grinder is best for grinding coffee?


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