Can you grate cinnamon sticks?

In this article, we will answer the question “Can you grate cinnamon sticks?”, and how to grate cinnamon sticks?

Can you grate cinnamon sticks?

Yes, you can grate cinnamon sticks. Grated cinnamon can be to spice up your tea, coffee, oatmeal, smoothies, broths, soups, or shakes. They can also be added to meat marinades for earthy flavors.

Grating vs grinding cinnamon sticks 

Grated cinnamon has a coarse texture unlike the fine texture of the ground cinnamon. Some people like the coarse and grainy texture of the grated cinnamon while others prefer using powdered or ground cinnamon. 

Grinding the cinnamon sticks is easier than grating them unless you use machine garters. Mechanical grating will take a lot of effort and arm muscle strength.

Ways to grate cinnamon sticks 

Grate box 

This is the simplest grating tool for cinnamon sticks. Place the grating box inside a flat plate to accumulate the grated cinnamon. Depending upon the grate size, the grating box can grate your cinnamon sticks to a medium-fine texture, that is ideal for spicing.

Micro planes

The Microplane zester series is a good tool to get fine textures grated cinnamon. Since the Microplane is used for sprinkling, the particle size of the grated cinnamon will be very small. This means you will have to grate quite a lot of cinnamon with great effort.

Spice graters 

Spice graters are tailor-made for grating tough spices like cinnamon sticks, nutmeg, and garlic, etc. Spice graters are inexpensive, durable, and do not rust easily.


Any blender with sharp blades such as the Nina blender can be used to grate the cinnamon sticks. Blend only a small batch of cinnamon sticks at a time as to not overburden or overheat your blender. 

Mortar and pestle 

This may sound like something ancient people would do but grinding the cinnamon sticks in mortar and pestle is very effective and takes less effort. 

Start by pounding the cinnamon sticks lightly to disintegrate them into a smaller size then you can increase the speed. Continue pounding until the desired coarseness or particle size is achieved.

Nutmeg grater 

Nutmeg graters lie Norpro is specially designed for grating cinnamon sticks. Nutmeg graters have smaller teeth than regular spice graters. Nutmeg grater is a great option for spicing.

Best ways to store cinnamon sticks 

Use air-tight containers 

The best container for storing cinnamon sticks is the one with a tight seal. Frequent exposure to moisture and air can easily strip the cinnamon sticks of their fragile scent and flavor. 

To preserve the freshness and fragrance of this spice, you need to pack it in a shallow air-tight container with as little headspace as possible.


Refrigeration is a great way to extend the shelf-life of cinnamon sticks. However, cinnamon sticks last as long in the pantry as they would in the refrigerator. 

A cool and dark pantry is the ideal storage place for cinnamon sticks. If refrigerated incorrectly, the moist air of the fridge can destroy the quality of the cinnamon powder.

Kitchen shelves 

Kitchen shelves are a great storage site for cinnamon. Since it is dark, cool, and away from the direct sources of heat such as the sunlight and the stovetop.

Foil paper 

Foil comes in handy when storing the cinnamon sticks in a damp place like the fridge. But it is not very reliable.

Best uses of cinnamon sticks 

For flavoring tea and coffee

The war and earthy flavor of the cinnamon best complement the tea or coffee. It also pairs well with ginger and fennel if you are making the spice tea. 

Most people prefer dissolving the cinnamon powder inside their cup of tea or coffee. Because the coarse cinnamon settles down at the bottom and poses a choking hazard. Alternatively, you can dip a whole stick of the cinnamon inside coffee or tea.

Used as a meat flavor 

The fragrance of the cinnamon powder introduces a different flavor profile to meat marinades. You can use cinnamon to marinate pork, beef, or even chicken.

Flavoring rice

African and Middle Eastern people like to flavor their curry fried rice with cinnamon. Simply add the grated cinnamon to the steamer to enjoy the sweet and warm flavor of the cinnamon in your steamed rice.

For making herbal broths 

Cinnamon has excellent antimicrobial properties. When added to broths or soups, it not only adds to the flavor but also provides nutrition.

For making quality oatmeal

Grated cinnamon mixed or sprinkled on top of oatmeal changes the flavor game of the oatmeal. Cinnamon especially goes well with the sweetness of bananas. You can top off your oatmeal with bananas or any fruit you like and some grated cinnamon.

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In this article, we answered the question “Can you grate cinnamon sticks?”, and how to grate cinnamon sticks?