Can you freeze the Christmas fruit cake?

In this article, we will answer the question “Can you freeze Christmas fruit cake?” and discuss how to freeze Christmas fruit cake?

Can you freeze the Christmas fruit cake?

Yes, you can freeze Christmas fruit cake. Fruitcakes are among the cakes that freeze well, but they must be matured for at least four weeks before freezing since the alcohol doesn’t mellow when frozen. The fruitcake’s shelf life is significantly reduced if it is frozen rather than refrigerated. 

One year is the recommended time frame for eating frozen fruitcake. Fruit cake, Christmas cake, simnel cake, and any other cake prepared with dried fruit may be frozen for later consumption or consumption. If you’re going to freeze a fruit cake, make sure it’s airtight by wrapping it in many layers of clingfilm or foil.

Putting A Fruit Cake In The Freezer

For fruit cake freezing success, these are the steps you need to follow:

Take Away All The Accents

Begin by removing all of your cake’s non-edible embellishments, such as icing and ribbons. You don’t want these embellishments to freeze on your cake.

Make Sure Your Cake Is Safe 

Cover your cake with cling film to keep it safe. The cake will be safe from freezer odors if you do this. Add a layer of foil on top of the clingfilm to ensure that it is completely safe.


To thaw it out, just put it in the freezer.

Iced Fruit Cake Freezing Instructions

Iced fruit cake can be frozen, however, the technique is a little more time-consuming. Clingfilm will attach to the iced layer if you follow these steps for freezing fruit cake, and you’ll have a difficult time thawing it without tearing the clingfilm or peeling off the frosting. Plastic-chewing is not an option for anybody! 

As a result, you’ll want to flash freeze the cake first before wrapping it in clingfilm. To prevent the top from clinging to the clingfilm, do this. It just takes an hour or so in the freezer on a tray to solidify the icing on the exterior.

Fruit cake may be frozen in three ways.

Now that you’ve learned how to freeze fruit cake, we’ve compiled a list of our top three suggestions to ensure the greatest results:

Whenever possible, avoid icing.

Frosting on a cake will not freeze well. You can’t do anything about this if you’ve got leftovers. If, on the other hand, you want to freeze the cake, then you should refrain from adorning it.

Don’t Stop Wrapping

Keep the air out as much as possible. Wrapping and re-wrapping is required. Try putting a layer of clingfilm on top of a layer of aluminum foil and see what happens

Toasting is a fun and easy way to add

A toaster may be used to toast pieces of your fruit cake before slathering them in a thick layer of butter like a teacake.

Is it possible to freeze fruit cake?

In the freezer, fruit cake may survive for up to four months. It’s still entirely safe to eat after this, but the texture may deteriorate and there’s a danger that air may leak into the wrap and affect your fruit cake. Fruit Cake may be frozen for up to four months.

Do You Have a Trick for Defrosting Fruit Cake?

Unfortunately, there isn’t a magic method or culinary hack for defrosting. To defrost, either leave it out on the counter for about four hours or put it in the refrigerator overnight.

Is It Possible to Refreeze Fruit Cake once it’s Been Thawed?

We don’t think this is a good idea. Pre-portioning the fruit cake before freezing it may help ensure that it will be eaten in its whole upon thawing. The first step is to slice your cake into halves. When making the wedge, you may make it as little as one part or large enough to serve three. 

Put a layer of clingfilm on top of each wedge, then a layer of aluminum foil, and then put it in the freezer. These wedges may be stored in a big container or freezer bag so that they don’t get buried in your freezer drawers.

Is it possible to freeze fruit cake?

Yes, it is! If you don’t have a lot of cream on your cake, you can freeze it. Fruit cake is no exception. Fortunately. The fact that it doesn’t take much effort to freeze is even more astounding.

Is Christmas Cake Safe to Freeze?

Christmas cake, as the name implies, is a fruit dessert that is popular throughout the holiday season. It’s covered with marzipan and royal icing. As we’ve previously established, the fruit cake itself freezes nicely. 

Fortunately, you can freeze Christmas cake since both the thick frosting and marzipan freeze rather well. When icing is frozen and thawed, it may become gritty, although this doesn’t appear to be an issue with thicker royal icing, which is more solid.

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In this article, we answered the question “Can you freeze Christmas fruit cake?” and discussed how to freeze Christmas fruit cake?