Can you freeze syrup?

In this article, we will answer the question “Can you freeze syrup?”, and how to freeze simple syrup?

Can you freeze syrup?

Yes, you can freeze syrup. Be it maple syrup or simple sugar syrup, freezing is a great way to extend its shelf-life. Freeze the syrup in small containers so that the thawed syrup can be used as soon as possible. 

How to freeze the simple syrup?

Choose the right container 

Choose a good-quality air-tight container with a tight lid for storing simple syrup. Tupperware or glass containers work best for refrigeration. 

Do not use glass containers if you plan to freeze the syrup. The glass can easily break if not tempered. A bottle with a pour spout is your best bet to store simple syrup if you plan to use it for cocktails.

Sterilize your container 

Simply cleaning the container does not equate to sterilizing it and it does not do the job. If you opted for a glass container, sterilize it by rinsing it with boiling water. 

To make it easier, you can just dump the container in the bowl of boiling water and let it sit for a couple of minutes.

To sterilize a plastic container, microwave it for 3 minutes after filling it with water. When sterilizing, take caution to not accidentally burn your skin.

Store the syrup in the fridge 

Refrigerate the syrup after packing it in the container. The cold and dark environment of the fridge is the ideal storage to extend the shelf-life of the syrup.

Use 1:1 hot process syrup within a month 

The more sugar added to the syrup, the higher is the shelf-life of the syrup. Simple syrup with a 1:1 ratio of sugar and water won’t last for more than 4 weeks. Simple hot process syrup with a 2:1 ratio of sugar and water lasts about 6 months.

Use cold process and flavored syrups within 2 weeks

Do not keep your cold process and flavored syrup stored for more than 2 weeks or else the syrup will become moldy. The method you use to make the syrup also determines the shelf-life of the syrup.

Add some vodka to the hot porches syrup for a longer shelf-life

Adding 1 tablespoon (14.8 mL) of vodka to your hot process syrup significantly increases the shelf-life of the syrup beyond the 1 month and 6 months time window. Vodka acts as an antibacterial agent and suppresses the growth of microbes.

Freeze hot or cold process syrup for up to a year

Due to high sugar content, the syrup may not freeze solid but it sure will last longer. Thaw the frozen syrup by submerging the container in warm water.

Can you freeze maple syrup?

Yes, you can freeze maple syrup. Freezing extends the shelf-life of maple syrup for up to a year. Prolonged storage may noticeably impact the quality of the syrup. Therefore, it is recommended to use it within 6 months of storage. 

Defrost the frozen maple syrup in the fridge overnight, in the microwave, or by dumping it in warm water(do not use hot water). Use the low power setting of the microwave. 

Make sure to leave a 1-½-inches headspace in the storage container of the maple syrup before freezing. This gives room for the syrup to safely expand during freezing without shattering the storage container.

Storage containers for maple syrup 

The best storage container for freezing maple syrup is its original pitcher. However, if you bought the maple syrup in bulk, you may want to store it in one big bottle. Use a glass bottle or container to do the job. 

Glass does a great job at protecting the syrup from oxygen and moisture, both of which are the top quality threats to the syrup. Just make sure the glass is tempered and can withstand the freezing temperatures without shattering or cracking.

If you have a good-quality plastic container, you can ditch the glass container for it. However, make sure the seal of the plastic container is not flimsy. A tightly shut lid is imperative to block the oxygen and moisture from reaching the syrup.

If you have none of the containers, you can rely on plastic bags. Use good quality bags so that they do not tear when frozen. 

Pouring the syrup in the plastic or freezer bags for freezing is a messy task. But it is a great option if you want to save some freezer space and thaw only a little maple syrup at a time.

Pour the maple syrup into the freezer bag, flatten it and squeeze out the air from the bag, then freezer the bag. Stack the bags on top of each in a tidy way.



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