Can you freeze soy milk? (3 ways to freeze)

In this brief article, we will answer the question can you freeze soy milk, and we will explain three ways to freeze soy milk.

Can you freeze soy milk?

Yes, just like any other product you can also freeze soy milk. It increases the shelf life of soy milk but it affects the quality of milk

Soy milk is a famous alternative to animal based milk that is used by vegans and people with lactose intolerance. It is known for its health benefits and widely consumed because it has almost zero cholesterol.

Nutritional value of soy milk:

Soy milk has high nutritional value and is a healthy alternative to animal based milk. It is used for its health benefits all around the world. It gives about 50 calories per serving with a high level of proteins.

Soy milk is cholesterol free, and has very low levels of saturated fats. It is rich in calcium, potassium and many other components. One thing that makes it quite healthy is the fortification of vitamins like vitamin A, vitamin B12 and vitamin D.

Shelf life of soy milk:

The shelf life of soy milk is seven to ten days when it is refrigerated properly. If left in the pantry after opening the can, it can stay safe from spoilage for one day.

After opening the package, it is best to refrigerate the soy milk as milk has a tendency to go bad. If soy milk is refrigerated in proper conditions, its shelf life increases. Fresh soy milk when packaged properly has a shelf life of ten days’ maximum.

How to store soy milk?

Soy milk is a liquid food which comes in proper packaging. It might be packaged in glass bottles, cans or cartons. But whatever the way you bought it, the shelf life depends on the storage. Soy milk has a tendency to go bad if left open. He way to make sure it does not go bad are:

Storage conditions:

Soy milk is stored in a cool, dry place with no direct exposure to any heat source. It is best to refrigerate soy milk as soon as you open it but you are not using it. Soy milk has shelf life of days which depend on the storage conditions


The packaging of any food item makes sure it is safe from microbial attack and other spoilage factors. Soy milk is packed in packaging which keeps it safe from air exchange to avoid spoilage. It often comes in glass bottles or airtight cans.

Freezing soy milk:

Freezing increases the shelf life of soy milk to more than a week but it affects the quality of soy milk. It is not recommended to store soy milk by freezing it, but it is better to refrigerate it.

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How to freeze soy milk?

Soy milk is stored in the refrigerator but you can also freeze it if you want to store it for longer. There are many ways to freeze soy milk including storing it into bulk. Some of them are as follows:

In a cube tray:

This is an easy method and best if you want to use small portions of soy milk for a recipe. You can use a single cube without thawing the whole container. You just need to pour milk in a clean cube tray and keep it in a freezer.

Storing it in containers:

Soy milk comes in bottles or cans, but some recipes need a cup or small serving of soy milk. To avoid spoilage of soy milk you can use an airtight container to store it in a freezer. You just need a clean container with a proper lid and pour milk in it.

In its carton:

If you have bought soy milk in bulk and don’t have to use it anytime sooner, the best way to increase its shelf life is by storing it in a freezer. You can place the whole carton in the freezer depending on the space available.

How to thaw soy milk?

Thawing soy milk is also the same as thawing any other milk product or food item. There are couple of ways to do it, which are:

  • Place the container of soy milk in refrigerator overnight and use it next day
  • Thaw the soy milk in warm water by placing it in a water bowl
  • If you are making smoothies, you can also use soy milk cubes without thawing them

How to use thawed soy milk?

Thawed soy milk does not have the same taste or flavor as fresh soy milk. But it can still be used in many different recipes. Some of its uses are in:

  • Smoothies
  • Deserts
  • Pancakes
  • Muffins
  • Dairy-free products
  • Coffee whiteners


In this brief article, we have answered the question can you freeze soy milk, and we will explain three ways to freeze soy milk.


Can You Freeze Soy Milk? Here’s What Happens