Can you freeze sliced mushrooms?

In the following guide we will discuss the question, “can you freeze sliced mushrooms?”. We will also discuss the proper ways to freeze sliced mushrooms and talk about the benefits and drawbacks of freezing mushrooms, and how to safely thaw them. 

Can you freeze sliced mushrooms?

Yes, you can easily freeze any kind of sliced mushrooms. Freezing the sliced mushrooms increases their shelf life for up to 10-12 months. Freezing also helps to avoid the microbial spoilage of the mushrooms (1).

Fresh sliced mushrooms only last 1 week in the refrigerator. Freezing your mushrooms is always a good idea when you have them in bulk (3).

What are the proper ways to freeze sliced mushrooms?

You can easily freeze cooked or uncooked sliced mushrooms. It is recommended to freeze cooked sliced mushrooms because in this way it will not alter the taste and texture of the sliced mushroom (2,3,4).

We will discuss both ways of freezing sliced mushrooms.

Freezing uncooked sliced mushroom

It becomes a lot easier when you are freezing uncooked mushrooms. They are usually pre-sliced, you only need to freeze them as it is. Here we will discuss ways of freezing both types of mushrooms (2,3).

  • Canned sliced mushrooms can be frozen in the can. You do not need to open the can otherwise their texture and quality might be affected.
  • When you are freezing the raw fresh sliced mushrooms first you need to buy clean and healthy shiitake mushrooms.
  • Do not buy mushrooms that have black patches on them, this might be a sign of fungus spoilage.
  • Wash your mushrooms properly to remove all the dirt from them.
  • Cut the mushrooms into slices or the choice of the piece that you want to add to your dish.
  • Evenly spread the mushrooms on the tray lined with aluminium foil. This will avoid the sticking of mushrooms to each other.
  • Keep them in the freezer for a few hours. Once they are frozen, put them out and store them properly in the air-tight box.

Freezing cooked sliced mushrooms

  • You can also cook your mushrooms before freezing them (3,4).
  • For cooking, you can add them to the boiling water, and after 3-4 minutes when they are half done you can put them out.
  • You can also use any other method of cooking like stir-frying or steaming.
  • After this take a kitchen towel and pat dry them and store them in the freezer in a ziplock bag.
  • When you are ready to eat your frozen sliced mushrooms you can defrost them in the microwave or you can also boil them in the water if you want them for soups.

What are the benefits and drawbacks of freezing sliced mushrooms?

Benefits of freezing sliced mushrooms

  • Their shelf life of mushrooms is extended by freezing, enabling lengthy storage without noticeably losing quality. 
  • As freezing slows down enzyme activity and minimizes nutrient loss, it also helps to maintain most of the nutritional value of mushrooms (4,5). 
  • Additionally, frozen sliced mushrooms offer convenience because they are simple to reach and may be utilized without cutting in a variety of cuisines.

Drawbacks of freezing sliced mushrooms

  • Mushrooms that were once frozen may have a different feel when thawed, becoming softer or more liquid (6,7). 
  • Depending on the particular mushroom type, the taste alterations that might result from freezing can vary. 
  • Freezing mushrooms can cause some loss of vitamins such as vitamin B1, especially if mushrooms are frozen for an extended period. That’s why mushrooms should not be stored in the freezer for longer than 6 months (8).
  • Although it’s usually a good idea to freeze sliced mushrooms, it’s vital to remember that they do not taste exactly like fresh mushrooms.

How to safely thaw frozen sliced mushrooms?

According to the USDA the safest method to thaw frozen food is in the refrigerator. Move the frozen mushrooms from the freezer to the refrigerator and let them gently thaw over the course of several hours or overnight. By doing this, the texture and quality of mushrooms are preserved thanks to the slow defrosting (9). 

As an alternative, you can defrost the frozen mushrooms by putting them in a dish of cold water and changing the water every half an hour. This process assures safe thawing while being quicker than refrigeration (8,9). 

Keep in mind that mushrooms shouldn’t be defrosted at room temperature, especially for more than 2 hours, as this promotes bacterial growth. Also, to avoid any possible spoiling, it is best to consume the mushrooms right away or put them in the refrigerator after they have thawed (9,10).

Can sliced mushrooms go bad in the freezer?

Normally, no. Sliced mushrooms cas last for about 12 months or more when stored in the freezer without going bad. Although frozen mushrooms may be kept without risk, they are susceptible to deterioration with time. 

Since freezing is not a surefire solution, frozen mushrooms may have freezer damage over a lengthy period of time, which results in a texture and taste loss (11). 

Degradation may also be accelerated by frequent temperature changes or poor packing and consequently, after a while, frozen mushrooms could still be safe to eat, but their general quality might have suffered (7,11). 


In the above guide we discussed the question, “can you freeze sliced mushrooms?” We also discussed the proper ways to freeze sliced mushrooms and talked about the benefits and drawbacks of freezing mushrooms, and how to safely thaw them. References 

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