Can you freeze silk almond milk?

In the following text, we will be answering the question,” can you freeze silk almond milk?” We will also discuss how to freeze the silk almond milk properly. We will also be discussing the health benefits of almond milk along with the factors responsible for the spoilage of almond milk.

Can you freeze silk almond milk?

Yes, almond milk can be kept in the freezer and it will go bad easily if it is kept at room temperature. The shelf-life of almond milk is for upto 1 week in the refrigerator but it increases upto 6 months when you store it in the freezer. 

The shelf life of silk almond milk is already high; it can be stored for upto 10 months. You should not consume it after 10 months.

What is almond milk?

The proper way to make almond milk is to blend and mix almonds with water. In the second step the solid portion of the mixture is removed and the remaining liquid is known as almond milk. The texture of almond milk is very similar to normal milk and it has a specific nutty taste in it.

Nowadays the use of almond milk has increased a lot and due to this certain flavoured options of almond milk are available in the market. Almond milk has a good taste and avoids taking the options that contain added sugars in it.

What are the proper ways to freeze silk almond milk?

As silk almond milk is available in its cartons and plastic bottles and according to the manufacturer if it is kept in suitable conditions the almond milk will not go bad for 10 months.

If you are unable to provide suitable conditions for the almond milk then rather than spoiling all the almond milk you should freeze it. Freezing makes things always safe. Following are some guidelines to freeze almond milk.

  • First of all, do not forget to see the expiry date of the milk before buying it. Buy the milk that has the longest expiry date.
  • After bringing the milk cartons home, clean them properly with a clean towel. Wash the bottles properly if the milk is in plastic bottles.
  • Store the plastic bottles as they are in the freezer.
  • If you want to store milk in portion sizes then divide them into portion sizes and store them in glass bottles or plastic bottles.
  • Keep them in the portion of the freezer where the temperature does not fluctuate because milk is very portable to spoilage.
  • You can also freeze lactose-free milk in the ice cube tray if you want to store it for your smoothie or if you want to add it to your cold coffee.
  • Once the milk cubes are properly frozen transfer them to a zip lock bag and freeze them immediately.
  • When you are ready to drink frozen milk just defrost it in the fridge or in the microwave if you want to drink warm milk.

What are the health benefits that almond milk provides?

Almond milk can provide the following health benefits:

  • If you are looking for a reduced-calorie and dairy-free alternative to milk then almond milk should be your choice. A Study was conducted in which participants replaced their milk intake with almond milk and they consumed 1 cup of almond milk for 4 weeks which resulted in a decrease in BMI.
  • Almond milk is lactose-free and it is a suitable option for people who are lactose intolerant and suffering from celiac disease. Almond milk will provide them with the necessary minerals and vitamins. Added calcium is supplemented to the almond milk to increase its nutritional value.
  • Almond milk is a good option for vegan people., as it doesn’t contain dairy. People who are allergic to nuts should keep in mind that it is made from almonds and avoid consuming almond milk

What are the reasons for the spoilage of frozen silk almond milk?

According to the FDA, expiry dates are the dates that are based on the manufacturer’s estimate of when a product is at its finest, not on safety. So following are the factors that are responsible for the expiration or spoilage of almond milk.

  • The natural fats present in almond milk are prone to get rancid over time. This will make almond milk unable to drink if you have frozen it for a long time period.
  • Unpasteurized frozen almond milk can contain food-borne microorganisms which can spoil almond milk. These food-borne microbes can also cause food-borne infections which can cause food poisoning.


In the above text, we answered the question,” can you freeze silk almond milk?” We also discussed how to freeze the silk almond milk properly. We also discussed the health benefits of almond milk along with the factors responsible for the spoilage of silk almond milk.