Can you freeze shiitake mushrooms?

In this brief guide we will answer the following question, “can you freeze shiitake mushrooms?” We will also get to know the benefits of freezing shiitake mushrooms and the side effects of eating raw frozen mushrooms.

Can you freeze shiitake mushrooms?

Yes, you can easily freeze shiitake mushrooms without cooking and after cooking the canned mushrooms that are available in the market are raw and cooked both, and storing them is easy and they do not go bad easily.

Fresh shiitake mushrooms only last 1 week in the refrigerator. On the other hand, if you freeze them they will stay put for upto many months in the freezer. Freezing your mushrooms is always a good idea when you have them in bulk.

What is shiitake mushroom?

This is a type of mushroom that is completely edible and is grown in east Asia. Due to its medicinal properties, the shiitake mushroom has been used in traditional medicines for centuries. Mainly this type of mushroom is served with  Japanese cuisines.

Shiitake mushroom is being eaten in soups and it is also served with vegetables. Dried shiitake mushrooms contain more energy and it is also richer in minerals and vitamins as compared to raw and fresh shiitake mushrooms.

What are the tips to freeze shiitake mushrooms?

You can easily freeze cooked or uncooked shiitake mushrooms. It is recommended to freeze cooked shiitake mushrooms because in this way it will not alter the taste and texture of the shiitake mushroom.

We will discuss both ways of freezing shiitake mushrooms.

Freezing uncooked shiitake mushroom

It becomes a lot easier when you are freezing uncooked shiitake mushrooms. They are usually pre sliced, you only need to freeze them as it is. Here we will discuss ways of freezing both types of mushrooms.

  • Canned shiitake mushrooms can be frozen in the can. You do not need to open the can otherwise their texture and quality might be affected.
  • When you are freezing the raw fresh shiitake mushrooms first you need to buy clean and healthy shiitake mushrooms.
  • Do not buy mushrooms that have black patches on them, this might be a sign of fungus spoilage.
  • Wash your mushrooms properly to remove all the dirt from them.
  • Cut the mushrooms into slices or the choice of the piece that you want to add to your dish.
  • Evenly spread the mushrooms on the tray lined with aluminium foil. This will avoid the sticking of mushrooms to each other.
  • Keep them in the freezer for a few hours. Once they are frozen, put them out and store them properly in the air-tight box.

Freezing cooked shiitake mushrooms

  • You can also cook your mushrooms before freezing them.
  • For cooking, you can add them to the boiling water, and after 3-4 minutes when they are half done you can put them out.
  • You can also use any other method of cooking like stir-frying or steaming.
  • After this take a kitchen towel and pat dry them and store them in the freezer in a ziplock bag.
  • When you are ready to eat your frozen shiitake mushrooms you can defrost them in the microwave or you can also boil them in the water if you want them for soups.

Does freezing shiitake mushrooms have any benefits?

Following are the benefits of freezing shiitake mushrooms:

  • First of all, freezing raw shiitake mushrooms will alter their texture because they have a higher content of cellulose in them and if you want to freeze them you might cook them.
  • Freezing mushrooms increases their shelf life for upto many months. This will help you to save your food and freezing them will save food wastage.
  • Mushrooms are prone to microbial damage, if your mushroom is brown and has patches on it, it means it has been contaminated with microbes.
  • Research proves that the microbial load of freshly harvested mushrooms increased in 7 days when they were stored at 13 degrees Celsius. Freezing is a safe method to store your mushrooms for a longer duration.

What are the harms of eating frozen shiitake mushrooms?

Following are the harms of eating frozen shiitake mushrooms: 

  • Consumption of shiitake mushrooms may cause an allergic reaction to the skin, this can be a serious skin problem. This allergic reaction usually targets the skin and causes a severe rash all over the body.
  • Eating raw mushrooms is never a good idea, they might be contaminated with certain pathogens that cause food-borne illnesses. They may cause vomiting, diarrhoea, stomachache, etc.
  • Raw mushrooms might be cross-contaminated or they can cross-contaminate your food present in the freezer resulting in spoiling that food item.
  • Raw mushrooms might contain microbes that can result in the spoilage of shiitake mushrooms and these microbes can also alter human health.


In this brief guide we answered the above question, “can you freeze shiitake mushrooms?” We also got to know the benefits of freezing shiitake mushrooms and the side effects of eating raw frozen mushrooms.