Can you freeze raisins?

In this brief guide we will answer the following question,” can you freeze raisins?” we will know the proper ways to freeze raisins. We will also discuss the factors that are responsible for the spoilage of raisins.

Can you freeze raisins?

Yes, you can freeze raisins. Raisins can be frozen easily. Freezing not only increases the shelf life of the raisins but also saves your raisins from spoilage. Storing raisins in the freezer increases their shelf life for upto many months.

Storing them in the freezer is a good idea when you are storing them for a longer duration. They will not go bad for upto 1 year.

What are raisins?

Raisins are dried grapes. These are used in many regions of the world and raisins are used in many sweet and savoury dishes, and they are also eaten raw. We have so many types of raisins and their type depends upon the type of the grape that is used to make the raisin.

The traditional way of making raisins is sun drying them but nowadays food dehydrators are being used for this purpose. There are two main drying methods for raisins.

Mechanical drying 

This type of drying is done in a controlled safe environment. Microwave drying is one example of mechanical drying.  Microwave heat dries the water molecules present in the grapes.

Sun drying

This is the most cost-effective method of drying. Your grapes into raisins. This method includes directly sun drying the grapes. We have some drawbacks of this method: drying the grapes in the sun can cause microbial contamination and insect infestation to your product. 

The raisins made from sun drying techniques take more time and they are of low quality. They are often contaminated with dirt and other microbes.

What are the proper ways to freeze raisins?

You can freeze raisins very easily. Raisins can be frozen raw because they do not need to be cooked separately, they often go uncooked in the dishes, and they are also safe to eat raw.

Following are some tips to freeze your raisins.

  • First of all, you need to buy good quality raisins. That is free of dirt and foreign particles.
  • Do not wash them before freezing, just wash them before adding them to the meals or when you are ready to eat them.
  • Washing them before freezing will only rehydrate them and they also have a chance to go bad in the freezer due to all the moisture.
  • Put your raisins on a clean tray and put them in the freezer allowing them to get hardened a little bit.
  • Once they are hardened, make their portion sizes and transfer them to the air-tight container. Close the lid of the container properly and store it in the freezer.
  • You can also freeze them in the zip-lock bags. They will go well in the bags and you can easily get them out of the bags when you need them.
  • When you are ready to eat them just add in some water and microwave them for some time this will warm them up and they’re ready to use.
  • You can also thaw them in the refrigerator overnight.
  • Do not forget to wash them before eating.

What are the health benefits of raisins?

The health benefits of raisins are the following:

  • Raisins are a good source of carbohydrates. They give you energy. 100 g of raisins give 300 kcal of energy.  They are high in sugars and not considered low-sugar foods. So a person should keep in mind while consuming them
  • Raisins are good alternatives to those high-sugar chewing gums. You can replace your high-sugar gums and jellies with natural raisins.
  • Raisins are a good source of fibres. These fibres are good for your gut health. They act as prebiotics to the healthy bacteria living in your colon. Fibres also help in the Maintenance of body weight and it also helps to control your blood cholesterol.
  • Antioxidants are also present in the raisins and these antioxidants help in the removal of free radicals from the body.
  • According to the research phytochemicals present in the raisins act as antimicrobial agents.

What are the drawbacks of storing raisins in the freezer?

Raisins change their texture and taste when they are stored in the freezer. This will affect their taste when they are eaten raw. 

Raisins might get cross-contaminated from other food items in the freezer and this can cause microbial growth and this microbial growth can deteriorate the raisins.


In this brief guide we answered the following question,” can you freeze raisins?” we got to know the proper ways to freeze raisins. We also discussed the factors that are responsible for the spoilage of raisins.


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