Can you freeze prosciutto?

In this brief guide, we will answer the question, “Can you freeze prosciutto?” we will learn the proper ways to freeze prosciutto. We will also get to know the benefits of freezing prosciutto along with the harmful effects of eating frozen Prosciutto

Can you freeze prosciutto?

Yes, you can keep prosciutto in the freezer. Storing it in the freezer increases its shelf life for upto 6 months. Storing prosciutto in the fridge will not be a good option if you are planning to keep your prosciutto for a longer duration, let’s say for more than 1 week.

You can easily store your prosciutto in the freezer and it will not go bad for weeks.

What is prosciutto?

Prosciutto is an uncooked, cured, and smoked kind of ham which is made from the hind legs of the pork. Prosciutto takes a long time to make. 

  • Firstly the salt is added to the ham and it is left for 1-2 months during which all of the blood is drained from the meat.
  • After this, the ham is properly washed and it is stored or hung at room temperature until it becomes dry. Usually, it takes 2 years for prosciutto to be completely dry.
  • Prosciutto is eaten in sliced form. It is usually linked with sandwiches and salads.

What are the proper ways to freeze prosciutto?

Although freezing prosciutto alters its shelf life and taste, it also keeps it safe from getting bad. Following are some tips that you can follow while freezing prosciutto.

  • Prosciutto is stored just like ham. It should always be refrigerated otherwise it will go bad.
  • Always buy good quality prosciutto from the market and always see the mentioned expiry date on it.
  • Divide your prosciutto into the portion sizes and make sure that you put them in clean ziplock bags.
  • Ziplock bags will be good for freezing prosciutto as they will take less space in the freezer and your prosciutto will also be safe.
  • Keep in mind to remove all the air from the bag after putting your prosciutto in the ziplock bags.
  • Prevent your prosciutto from any kind of moisture while freezing otherwise it will cause freeze burn which will ruin the texture of your prosciutto.
  • Store the bags carefully in the freezer. Store them in a section where the temperature remains constant.
  • Do not store your prosciutto in the freezer door. The temperature in the freezer door changes and this will spoil your prosciutto.
  • When you are ready to eat prosciutto just defrost it in the microwave.
  • You can also cook it in the pan or boil it to eat just the way you like it.

What are the benefits of freezing prosciutto?

  • Prosciutto is often eaten raw. It is not cooked and it is also stored in raw form. Freezing it increases the shelf life of the prosciutto upto many months.
  • Freezing the prosciutto saves it from microbial contamination which leads to the spoilage of the prosciutto.
  • Prosciutto is perishable meat and it will go bad if you do not freeze it just like any other meat or ham.
  • Pathogens like salmonella can grow inside the prosciutto if it is not properly handled and stored and these pathogens can cause food-borne diseases in humans.

What are the health benefits of prosciutto?

  • Prosciutto is a good source of protein, it acts as a protein booster for your body. If you do not have time to roast or cook chicken or meat,  prosciutto is a simple and ready-to-eat protein source that you can easily add to your sandwiches.
  • Protein helps in the body functions like it is a huge part of body muscles and it also helps to fight infections. 
  • It provides essential vitamins and minerals to the human body like vitamin B12 which is necessary to prevent anaemia. Vitamin B12 deficiency can lead to severe anaemia which could be a life-threatening situation.

What are the health risks of eating prosciutto?

  • When prosciutto is processed and cured it may contain some carcinogenic substances that are proven to be harmful and can cause cancer. The American Institute for Cancer Research suggests not to eat processed meat if you want to prevent cancer.
  • Prosciutto is also high in sodium and it is not a good choice for people who are suffering from high blood pressure or hypertension. Eating prosciutto will increase their blood pressure.
  • People eating prosciutto on daily basis are also at the risk of getting a heart attack as it contains a huge amount of saturated fats and they will increase the blood cholesterol levels which will eventually lead to blockage of arteries heart attack


In this brief guide, we answered the question, “Can you freeze prosciutto?” We learned the proper ways to freeze prosciutto. We also got to know the benefits of freezing prosciutto along with the harmful effects of eating frozen Prosciutto


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