Can you freeze olive oil?

In this brief guide we will discuss the following query, “can you freeze olive oil?” We will learn the proper ways to freeze olive oil. We will also discuss the health benefits of using olive oil and the signs of spoilage of olive oil.

Can you freeze olive oil?

Yes, it is possible to freeze olive oil. Olive oil becomes solid when you keep it in the refrigerator. Olive oil starts becoming solid at 4 degrees centigrade. 

If you have olive oil stock kept at your home and you think they will go rancid if kept at room temperature. This is the reason that you can keep them in the freezer.

How olive oil is made and what are its types?

Olive oil is made from olives for this purpose. Olives are ground mechanically and oil is obtained from them. Good quality and ripe olives are used to make extra virgin olive oil. After the extraction olive oil is filtered and processed to get the final product.

Olive oil is differentiated into types according to its quality.

Extra Virgin olive oil

This is the most natural and healthier type of olive oil. Extra virgin olive oil is made by simply cold pressing the olives and it does not contain a heating process because heating can alter its aroma and nutritional value. It is commonly used in salads as a dressing.

Refined olive oil

It has a low amount of virgin olive oil content and it is made from ripe black and green olives. Its taste is not much stronger and it is usually used for cooking.

Olive pomace oil

This type of olive oil is made from the residue of olives that are left behind after extracting the oil from them. This is the lowest quality olive oil and that is why it is available in the market at cheap prices. Usually, virgin olive oil is mixed with this oil to improve its quality.

Virgin olive oil

Virgin olive oil is made from cold pressing of the olives and it is a non-refined type of olive oil. The aroma and flavour of virgin olive oil are much stronger than extra virgin olive oil. Virgin olive oil is slightly more acidic than extra virgin olive oil.

What are the proper ways to freeze olive oil?

If you want to freeze olive oil you should store them in portion sizes. In this way, you do not need to defrost a whole bottle of oil when you want a small quantity. We have the following guidelines on how to freeze your olive oil correctly.

  • Always check the expiry date of olive oil when you are buying it.
  • Divide your olive oil into portion sizes and transfer each portion size into a separate jar or container that is air-tight.
  • Put your olive oil in the freezer.
  • When you are ready to use the oil just use it directly in your dishes.
  • If you want to put it in your salads then you should microwave it first and use it once it is cold.
  • Frozen olive oil is good to use in every kind of dish.

Freeze herb mixed olive oil

  • You can also add herbs to your olive oil and freeze it. This will add flavour to your olive oil.
  • For this, you need to take an ice cube tray and add oil to each space. After this add herbs of your choice like cilantro, basil, etc to the oil and put them in the freezer.
  • You can use this flavoured olive oil in your cooking directly.

What are the health benefits of olive oil?

The health benefits of eating olive oil are the following:

  • Olive oil contains a good amount of unsaturated fatty acids in it. These omega 3 and omega 6 fatty acids help to reduce inflammation. Eating olive oil is a healthier choice as compared to eating other oils.
  • Olive oil helps to reduce the risk of heart diseases because it helps lower the LDL in the blood. Studies also prove that olive oil helps in the prevention of blood clots.
  • Normally eating oil is associated with weight gain but according to the research olive oil is not associated with a gain in body weight.

What are the signs of spoilage of olive oil?

The signs of spoilage of olive oil are:

  • Just like any other oil the main sign of their spoilage is a rancid smell that comes from the olive oil when it expires.
  • The colour and texture of olive oil also changes when it goes bad. When this happens you need to throw it away.


In this brief guide we discussed the following query, “can you freeze olive oil?” We learned the proper ways to freeze olive oil. We also discussed the health benefits of using olive oil and the signs of spoilage of olive oil.