Can you freeze old bread? (7 easy methods)

This article is about storing a whole loaf or individual bread slices in the freezer and how you can thaw it back. There are seven methods explained, which are easy to do.

Can you freeze old bread?

Yes, you can freeze old bread in a freezer for an extended time. The wrapping in which you want to freeze your bread depends on your choice. The methods which can be used are as follows:

  1. In Plastic wrap
  2. In Beeswax wrap
  3. In paper bag
  4. In a baking parchment paper
  5. In silicone baggies
  6. In Tupperware containers
  7. In freezer bag

How to Freeze?

  1. Prepare the bread: You can freeze a whole loaf, but It is better to slice the bread to be stored easily in plastic wraps or bags. When freezing bread slice, make sure to flash freeze them before wrapping
  2. Wrap the Bread: Wrap bread thoroughly in plastic or another wrap available. The details for each wrap is given below
  3. Remove moisture: When wrapping bread, make sure there is no surface moisture on the bread
  4. Placing it in the freezer: Place the wrapped bread in the freezer; label the storing date to avoid freezing it past shelf-life


  1. In Plastic wrap: It is the most common practice and can be done quickly. If you are freezing a whole loaf, wrap the loaf in plastic wrap and place it in a freezer. If you are going to freeze individual slices, first refrigerate portions before freezing. Then wrap the pieces in plastic wrap and place them in the freezer.
  2. In Beeswax wrap: Beeswax wrap is commercially available and is a much better choice. These are reusable and plant-based, so they are a vegan-friendly choice. In this method, you can quickly wrap your bread and store it in your freezer
  3. In a paper bag: You can also use a paper bag if you plan to freeze your bread for a shorter time, but you can use a paper bag for one time only.
  4. In Baking Parchment paper: It is the most common item, especially if you are into baking. You can use it as a wrap to store bread in the freezer for a long time
  5. In silicone baggies: These bags are commercially available in the market and have different sizes. If you want to freeze a whole loaf, you can use a more oversized bag, and you can also store already cut slices in small size bags.
  6. In Tupperware containers: Plastic or glass Tupperware is available in every household, so it is effortless to store your bread in them. But make sure when you place your bread, it is free of moisture as moisture promotes molding of bread.
  7. In freezer bag: After wrapping bread in plastic bags, you can put it inside zip lock freezer bags. Remove all the air by squeezing and ensure maximum protection from molds.

Effect on shelf life:

Freezing the bread can increase its shelf life for more than 12 weeks. But frozen bread can lose its flavor after four weeks, so keep it in a warmer part of your freezer.

You can freeze bread for a longer or shorter time; for more extended periods, use double wrapping or freezer bags.

Effect on quality:

It is better to freeze fresh bread to avoid staling or drying of bread. If the bread goes stale before freezing, there will be no improvement after freezing. Freezing nor dries neither improves the quality of bread; there is no change in texture as well

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Some additional Tips:

  • Make it moisture free: If you are freezing bread, make sure it is free of water. You can do this by touching it and getting rid of any surface moisture or wet bread slice
  • Cooled down completely: If you are freezing home-made bread, make sure it is cooled down thoroughly after the baking. You can do this by giving the bread a resting time after baking
  • Cut or Slice the bread: If you are freezing the whole loaf, you have to use it daily. You can freeze each slice in separate wraps to quickly thaw them when needed

Freezing bread dough:

 You can also freeze bread dough as a whole loaf or remaining dough after required usage. You can do it only after the first rise; make sure to line the container with plastic wrap to avoid sticky bread dough. Knead the bread before freezing and give it shape again. You can store yeast bread dough only for 10 hours.

How to Thaw Bread?

Thawing of frozen bread is done by placing it in the refrigerator for some time before using it. The slices frozen individually can be thawed in a toaster, but they might take more time than unfrozen cuts. It almost takes 15 minutes more for a frozen piece to be toasted.


You can freeze old bread and reheat it to use it again. To ensure maximum protection from molds make sure to wrap the bread before freezing, freezing doesn’t affect quality or texture of bread.


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