Can you freeze leftover Christmas ham?

In this article, we will answer the question “Can you freeze leftover Christmas ham?” and discuss how to freeze ham?

Can you freeze leftover Christmas ham?

Yes, you can freeze leftover Christmas ham. You may freeze ham if you have any leftovers. Remove the ham off the bone, then wrap it in plastic wrap and foil before placing it in a snap-lock bag and removing all the air. 

Because they take up so much room in the fridge, Christmas ham may be frozen by cutting it into thick slices and wrapping it in plastic and then foil. For up to a month, you may freeze your ham slices.


If you’re using an older pillowcase, soak it for a few minutes in water with one cup of white vinegar to get rid of the musty smell. Place the ham on the bone inside and refrigerate after wringing it out well. 

Every day, thoroughly clean the bag. Remove the cloves from any remaining glazed ham and cover the cooked leg with the skin. For a maximum of ten days, store in the manner described above.

How long does the leftover ham last?

Refrigerated Christmas ham, whether on the bone or cut off the bone and wrapped in plastic and foil, will keep for two weeks at room temperature.

A frozen ham covered in plastic and foil can keep for up to a month in the freezer. Prior to consumption, let frozen ham defrost in the refrigerator for 1-2 days (depending on serving size).


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If you’ve got some leftover Christmas ham in your fridge, here are some tips:

Keeping the meat from drying out is the most difficult part of preserving Christmas ham. As a result, carving too much Christmas ham is a waste of time, as the flesh left on the ham bone will remain moist longer than pieces that have been cut.

Ham on the bone should be wrapped in a seasoned cloth before it is stored in the refrigerator. An ideal ham bag is fashioned with a clean tea towel, a pillowcase, a huge piece of cotton, or calico cloth. Allow your cloth of choice to dry before wrapping the whole ham in the fabric before placing it in an airtight container to keep it fresher for longer.

Of course, around the holidays, finding a place in the fridge for a full ham leg might be a challenge. As an alternative, you may take the meat from its bone and preserve it in big pieces, which can be wrapped in plastic before being covered in foil and stored in the refrigerator or freezer.

Even while it may seem silly to eat up half of your fridge space with the large Christmas ham that’s been sitting there for months, there are several ways to use up your leftover ham and avoid wasting it.

Fortunately, the ham may be served at almost every meal. Eggs Benedict, baked ham and cheese frittata, or a breakfast bagel with avocado, ham, and cheese are all great ways to use your leftover ham for breakfast.

The Bone-in Ham Cooking Method

You don’t need any special equipment to freeze food. To begin, let the ham chill fully in the refrigerator before carving. The following step is as follows:

  • Remove any extra moisture from the surface of the ham by wiping it with a paper towel.
  • Zip up the ham and store it in a freezer-safe container. Remove as much air as you can from the bag.
  • Wrap aluminum foil around the freezer bag. Put everything in a new freezer bag and seal it up tight. (It will maintain the taste and avoid freezer burn.)
  • Label the bag’s outside using a permanent marker to indicate what’s inside and when it was made.

How to Freeze Ham in Smaller Pieces

Although the entire ham may be frozen, smaller pieces may be more convenient. Instead of preparing a significant amount of ham from scratch, it’s more convenient to just take what you need from the freezer and throw it away. Prior to freezing, it is best to slice or dice your ham into cubes.

  • Slice or dice the ham to your desired thickness or size using a sharp knife.
  • Refrigerate the ham until it has totally cooled down.
  • Make individual servings of ham. Remove as much air as possible from each section before sealing and freezing.
  • Use a permanent marker to write the contents and date on the bag’s outside.

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In this article, we answered the question “Can you freeze leftover Christmas ham?” and discussed how to freeze ham? 


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