Can you freeze heavy whipping cream?

In this brief article, we will answer the question can you freeze heavy whipping cream and three ways to freeze it

Can you freeze heavy whipping cream?

Yes, you can freeze whipping cream and store it in a freezer; storing whipping cream increases the shelf life.

Heavy whipping cream is made of skimmed milk; the milk is high-fat cream. Whipped cream or whipping cream is made of cream. It is used to bring a creamy texture and creaminess to the food they are added.

Benefits of whipping cream:

Whipping cream is rich in its texture and it is used as additive in many recipes. It Is added in coffees due to its creamy and rich texture. Whipping cream is made from full fat fresh dairy milk, so it is rich in nutrients.

Whipping cream has fat soluble vitamins, and has an effect on cardiac health. As vitamin A is indirectly related to decreased risk of heart disease, consuming whipping cream has an effect on cardiovascular diseases and obesity.

It is also good for your skin, as it is very hydrating and soothing in nature. It is deeply nourishing and made from substances that are beneficial for skin, it has an anti-ageing effect on skin and reduces free radicals that causes premature ageing.

Uses of whipping cream:

Whipping cream is usually used to add a creamy texture in food, it is made of fat milk and provides a rich flavor to recipes. It is often used as filling, topping, and cream in coffees. Some of the uses of heavy whipping cream are:

  • It is a thickening agent an id used to thicken soups and sauces
  • It is used as a filling for pastries, and other bakery products
  • It is used in coffees as cream and in some types of coffees as topping
  • It is used as a cake topping, it is also used to add decorations over cakes and other bakery products
  • It is used in milk products, in deserts and other products which need creamy texture to them

Shelf life of whipping cream:

Commercial whipping cream comes in proper packaging, as it is a dairy product there is a high chance of deterioration. It is better to buy the amount of whipping cream you want to use. The shelf life of whipping is refrigerated is about five to seven days.

The commercial expiration is provided in case of unopened packaging. An unopened package of whipping cream stays, if refrigerated, for two to three months. even in refrigerator the quality of fresh whipping cream deteriorates as time passes

Freezing whipping cream:

Whipping cream is a semi-solid emulsion, which is made of whipped full-fat milk. When refrigerated in an open packaging it may start to seep water. If you really want to preserve your whipping cream for a long time. You should go with freezing the product.

Whipping cream is a freezable product as it is also dairy made of milk. Its freezing depends on the way you want to freeze it, three ways to freeze whipping cream are:

Freezing large portions:

Instead of freezing individual containers of whipping cream, you can freeze the whole carton. This helps if you have bought whipping cream in a bulk and need to store it. Freezing large portions takes up large space but it is better than spoiling your whipping cream

In case of large portions place the whole carton or container in the freezer. As whipping cream expands on freezing, you can remove some whipping cream to avoid any damage. Freezing it an airtight container is better but you can freeze it as it is

Freezing small portions:

If you have a small portion of whipping cream left and you are not going to use it anytime sooner, it is best to freeze it. Freezing the whole package of whipping cream is a much better idea than freezing it in containers.

If you have homemade whipping cream and you don’t have a container, you can freeze it in an ice tray. The amount of whipping cream present in each cubes is equal to two tablespoons. Once you think the cubes are frozen. After placing them in freezer, you can transfer them in freezer bags

Freezing whipping cream:

If you have whipping cream which you already whipped but your recipe did not need it. You can freeze it to use it again. Freezing whipped cream is the same as freezing whipping cream, you just need an airtight container

The shelf life of heavy whipping cream increases to two to three months from five to seven days due to freezing.

How to thaw whipping cream?

To thaw whipping cream, remove it from the freezer and place it in a refrigerator for two days. After that give the whipping a good shake to see if it has thawed. Also, the time of thawing depends on container, and amount of whipping cream


In this brief article, we have answered the question can you freeze heavy whipping cream and three ways to freeze it