Can you freeze ground turkey?

 In this guide, we will address and answer the query, “Can you freeze ground turkey?” and answer other similar related questions like “How to avoid freeze burn,” “How do you properly store frozen ground turkey?”

Can you freeze ground turkey?

The answer is, yes. You can freeze ground turkey for as long as one year and would still be safe for consumption. However, ground turkey is mainly stored for 4 months to guarantee it has a fresh taste.

How to freeze ground turkey properly?

To ensure a long shelf life of the meat, one must consider the quality of the turkey bought. This entails being keen on the sell-by date. Immediately after the turkey is purchased, it is advisable to freeze it within two days.

Firstly, the original packaging is removed then aluminum foil is used to wrap the meat. The meat is then placed in freeze-safe bags and stored in the freezer. Labeling also encourages distinguishing each from the other.

The meat is left airtight to ensure that it does not burn due to a freeze burn. An airtight bag also limits the mixture of flavor from other foods stored in the freezer.

How to properly store frozen ground turkey?

In addition to keeping the meat in an airtight bag, One must continuously ensure no slight air enters the meat. This is done by pressing the meat flat. A straw can also be used to suck the air out.

Proper labeling of the packages does identify meat. Labeling differentiates the meat depending on the time the meat was stored in the freezer. This helps in estimating which turkey is to be consumed first.

Foods with strong odors should be stored far from the now stored meat to avoid the exchange of odors, therefore, affecting the scent of the ground turkey.

Ground turkey pieces are best stored singly for a few days then later stacked together when they have each properly frozen up.

How do you thaw a frozen ground turkey?

A refrigerator is used in this case. A leak-proof dish is used to transfer the frozen turkey to the refrigerator. A refrigerator is preferred to prevent bacteria growth. Room temperature is an optimum temperature for bacteria to grow.

Fruits and vegetables are kept away from the meat and are thawed. This is because the fruits are eaten raw and therefore this can cause health complications to the individuals.

Microwaves can be used to thaw the ground turkey. Microwaves ensure equal thawing of the meat both inside and outer layer to prevent bacteria from developing. Meat is thawed for two minutes with fifty power magnitude per pound.

In case one does not have a refrigerator or a microwave, the meat can be left in a bowl of cold water to defrost. Coldwater ensures equal defrosting compared to just leaving the meat on the kitchen counter to thaw.

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What causes freeze burn in frozen ground turkey?

There are many possible causes of freeze burn in frozen ground turkey, but the most common is simply leaving it in the freezer for too long. Over time, the water in the turkey will slowly evaporate, leaving behind a dry, shrunken, and often discolored piece of meat.

This is especially common with ground turkey, which has high water content. Other causes of freeze burn include exposure to too much air in the freezer (which can cause the water to evaporate more quickly) or thawing and refreezing the turkey (which damages the cells and makes the water evaporate more quickly).

Freezer burn causes a change in the color of meat. The color changes to brown with a grainy dry texture. Freezer burn also causes the flavor of the food to change giving it a bland taste. This is caused by all flavors being absorbed by oxygen.

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How to avoid freezer burn in frozen ground turkey?

  •  Using a thermometer to set the temperature at zero in the freezer
  •  Properly wrap the ground meat with an airtight plastic before storing in a freezer-safe container
  •  Using a straw to suck out all air and then sealing the container
  • The freezer should not be overfilled with many different types of foods.

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