Can you freeze garlic bulbs?

In his brief guide we will answer the query, “can you freeze garlic bulbs?” We will discuss the proper ways to freeze garlic bulbs. We will get to know the benefits of freezing garlic bulbs along with the factors that are responsible for their spoilage. 

Can you freeze garlic bulbs?

Yes, you can freeze garlic bulbs very easily. Freezing the garlic bulbs increases their shelf life for upto 1 year. When garlic is kept at room temperature it starts sprouting due to the heat and temperature and it can also get mould. 

Garlic also loses its moisture when you store it in your kitchen. The heat causes the garlic to lose its moisture.

What are the proper ways to freeze garlic?

Garlic can be frozen in many forms. You can freeze garlic paste, garlic cloves, and even whole garlic bulbs. Garlic is a very versatile vegetable and it is used in many savoury foods. Garlic is frequently used in cooking in every culture of the world.

You can follow certain tips and tricks to freezing garlic.

  • First of all, remove all the dirt from your garlic with a brush or cloth. Do not soak it.
  • If you are freezing peeled garlic cloves then peel the garlic and wash it properly.
  • After washing the cloves, spread them on a baking sheet and let them freeze for 3 hours.
  • Once they are hardened, let them out and transfer them to an airtight jar or box.
  • You can also make a paste of garlic and divide them into portion sizes. For this take a tablespoon full and put it in the ice cube tray repeat this process until the plate fills. This way you know the exact quantity of your garlic paste and you can easily use it in the recipes.
  • Once they are hardened you can put them in the zip lock bags and do not forget to mention the date.
  • Do not forget to remove all the air from the bag this will prevent the freeze burn.
  • Just defrost them at room temperature when you are ready to use them.
  • If you want them for gravies and soups then you do not need to thaw your garlic they will go well.

What are the benefits of freezing garlic?

The benefits of freezing garlic are as under:

  • The first and the utmost benefit is you can save your meal preparation time by chopping and freezing your garlic already.
  • If your garlic is getting spoiled then freezing is the best option and by doing this you are reducing food waste.
  • Garlic does not go bad when you freeze them in the freezer for 1 year but the condition is you have to maintain the temperature.
  • Freezing your garlic reduces the risk of bacterial and mould growth on garlic which are the major reasons for spoilage.
  • Mould production can cause the off smell and alters the taste of garlic. It is one of the major reasons for garlic spoilage.

Does freezing garlic have any drawbacks?

There are several drawbacks to freezing garlic, these are as under:

  • Yes, the texture and taste of garlic change when you freeze it for a longer duration.
  • The garlic bulbs become soggy and chewy when you defrost them.
  • Sometimes your garlic can go bitter when it is stored in the freezer for too long.
  • Garlic has a very strong scent. Your other food items in the freezer can absorb their smell. This can ruin the taste of every food in the freezer.
  • Garlic can get mushier once they are defrosted in the oven. So if you want them to be tender then try to freeze them in larger pieces.
  • Garlic can get contaminated with microbes and pathogens like listeria that can cause food-borne diseases upon consumption.

Garlic provides health benefits in many ways. It has been known to be used for centuries to reduce cold and flu symptoms. Even today research proves the fact that garlic helps in treating the cold and flu.

Garlic also helps in the reduction of high blood pressure. Constant garlic use can reduce the risk of hypertension. Research also proves that garlic has cholesterol and lipid-lowering effects.

Garlic is also a good source of antioxidants and these antioxidants help in removing the free radicals from the body. These free radicals increase the risk of cancer and chronic metabolic disorders. 

Garlic contains sulphur compounds and the specific odour of garlic is due to these sulphur compounds. These compounds act as detoxifying agents in the human body. They help to remove toxic components from the human body.


In his brief guide we answered the query, “can you freeze garlic bulbs?” We discussed the proper ways to freeze garlic bulbs. We got to know the benefits of freezing garlic bulbs along with the factors that are responsible for their spoilage. 


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