Can you freeze flour tortillas? 

In this brief guide, we will answer the question, “Can you freeze tortillas?” other methods to store tortillas and shelf-life of tortillas.

Can you freeze flour tortillas?

Yes, you can freeze tortillas. Frozen tortillas can last for approximately two months. If the frozen tortillas are stored properly, they would last longer though there would be a decrease in the quality seen.

What exactly are tortillas?

Tortillas are thin bread that is prepared from cornmeal or wheat. The type of tortillas prepared would differ based on location. For instance, Central America prepares tortillas using corn or maize flour. 

In Mexico, tortilla is prepared using white, blue, or yellow maize.

How to freeze tortillas?

  • The store-bought tortillas can be kept in the freezer. If you have opened the tortillas, make sure to store the tortillas in an airtight bag or resealable plastic bag. Remove the air from the bag before storing it. 
  • You can place parchment paper between each tortilla before placing them in resealable bags. In the case of homemade tortillas, let them cool at room temperature before freezing them.

How to thaw tortillas?

You can defrost the tortillas at room temperature or in the fridge. Thawing time would depend on the thickness of the tortilla. If the tortilla packs are unopened it would take an hour while individual tortillas might defrost in just 10 minutes.

You can also place the tortillas in an oven though the tortillas kept in the upper part and bottom of the oven might tear or break apart. If the tortillas are drying away, use a wet towel to thaw them. Avoid using overly wet towels or the tortillas risk getting mushy.

What is the shelf-life of tortillas?

The shelf-life of tortillas depends on the type of tortillas, sell-by date, storage conditions, and whether the tortilla was opened or not. Opened tortillas would have a shorter shelf-life. 

You can wrap the tortillas in aluminum foil to prolong the shelf-life of opened tortillas though it is best to consume them immediately.

Type of tortillas (Unopened)FridgeFreezerPantry
Spinach tortillasApproximately 4 weeksApproximately 6-8 monthsApproximately 6-7 days
Flour tortillasApproximately 4 weeksApproximately 6-8 monthsApproximately 6-7 days
Homemade tortillasApproximately a weekApproximately 6-8 monthsApproximately 3 days
Corn tortillasApproximately 4 weeksApproximately 6-8 monthsApproximately a week
Wheat tortillasApproximately 4 weeksApproximately 6-8 monthsApproximately 6-7 days

The shelf-life of tortillas would also vary based on the number of preservatives added while preparing them.

How to detect spoilt tortillas?

Tortillas that are about to spoil would harden and become firmer. It would still be fine to eat this type of tortillas unless you notice other signs of spoilage.

If you observe mold growth or sliminess on the tortilla, discard them immediately. If you observe blue or green discoloration or spots in the tortillas. It is another sign of spoilage. If you observe a foul smell coming out of the tortillas, throw them away.

You can taste the tortillas as a final step. Cut a small piece of the tortilla and taste it. If it does not taste well, discard it.

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How to store tortillas?

Apart from freezing, the other techniques and instructions to store tortillas are mentioned below.

  • Place tortillas in a cool and dry place away from heat. You can use a dehumidifier if the environment is extremely moist.
  • Unopened tortillas can be stored in your cupboard, fridge, or freezer. You can store the tortillas in the fridge at a temperature of 40℉.
  • Keep tortillas away from changing temperatures. Avoid keeping tortillas near the oven, door of the fridge, or freezer.
  • For tortillas prepared at home, you can also separate the tortillas into bags or containers. Place a cloth over the tortillas and let the tortillas remain at room temperature for few minutes. You can then stack them over each other and store them.
  • You can store tortillas in a dry and cool pantry as well.

Can consuming tortillas post expiry date make you sick?

Consuming tortillas post their expiry date might not make you sick though the tortillas would lose their original flavor and texture.

You can store the tortillas a few more days past their date of expiry. If mold appears on the surface of the tortilla, you can even use a knife to remove the moldy part and consume the rest of the tortilla. It is though better to discard the moldy tortilla and buy a fresh one instead.


In this brief guide, we have answered the question, “Can you freeze tortillas?” other methods to store tortillas and shelf-life of tortillas.


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