Can you freeze bread in original packing? (+5 tips)

In this brief guide we will address the question, “Can you freeze bread in original packing?” as well as other questions pertaining to the subject at hand like how to store bread so it lasts longer and the tips to store bread in the freezer.

Can you freeze bread in original packing? 

Yes, you can absolutely do that. Freezing bread in its original packing is actually a good way to make use of the bag that it came in. There is however, one tiny bit of problem that you might want to address before you go storing it in the freezer – the packing must be airtight. 

Simply put, you can not use anything that allows air to enter into the bag in which bread is stored. This is because the air will make the bread dry, and it will also develop a freezer burn. You can also use freezer bags to store your bread. Freezer bags are reusable and keep your bread fresh for a longer period of time.

Long story short, it depends on the packing of your bread. In most cases, you can store it in the original packing. If you hate plastic, then we might have some other options for you that you can try. 

Tips to store bread in the freezer. 

  1. Proper cooling.

When going for freezing bread, you need to make sure that the bread is not very hot to go into the freezer. This will just make your bread soggy when you freeze it and you won’t get the desired results. You don’t have to refrigerate it to cool it down, just wait till the freshly baked bread reaches room temperature and then you can store it.

  1. Use double freezing bags

The first step while freezing is to make sure that you use food-grade freezing bags. Freezing bags can be sealed airtight and they do not stick to the surface of your food, making them an ideal storage method for thawing and handling frozen products.

Doubling the freezing bags will ensure air-tight conditions and prevent the bags from puncturing if exposed to sharp edges in the freezer. 

  1. Remove excess air from the bags

If air is allowed to enter bread, there are possible chances of mold growth which we definitely don’t want. Therefore, removing excess air from the plastic bags is the way to go!  

  1. Make small portions

Portion sizes are the key element to freezing. If you have purchased too much fresh french bread and don’t want to waste it, you can just make small portions of it before you freeze it. This will not only allow the bread to thaw quicker, but will also save the other portions from getting exposed. 

Taking out the bread from the freezer and cutting it again and again will only take up more of your time and affect the unused portion of the bread that you’re putting back in the freezer.

  1. Refrigerate whole when needed

If you’re a bread lover and like to serve it whole, only then you should refrigerate without making small portions. This method is ideal for when you need to serve it to your guests because small pieces will just ruin the flavor and wholeness of the bread being served.

Other FAQs about Bread which you may be interested in.

How long does bread last in the freezer?

How long will frozen bread last? 

You might be wondering if freezing bread is a good option or not. Absolutely! That is indeed possible and you don’t even have to worry about keeping the bread fresh or preventing it from getting soggy. 

Based on how frequently you use it, frozen bread will last from 2 weeks to 1 month. Now the problem is, will it remain fresh? Yes! This time period is when your bread will remain the most fresh. The taste of the bread starts to change after one month. So, if you’re a bread lover, all you need to do is make sure you consume the bread within one month of storing it in the freezer. 

How to defrost bread the right way?

The best way to defrost bread is to place it on the kitchen shelf without removing the sealing. This will allow the bread to absorb the moisture it lost during freezing from the sealing bags. When your bread has thawed properly, the oven is your friend! Just bake it in the oven and enjoy a bread as good as freshly baked. 

Note: You can also thaw your bread in the refrigerator, but be careful not to put it there for too long. Putting bread in the refrigerator is not ideal for storage purposes, you can only put it in the refrigerator if the weather conditions are too hot. 


In this brief guide we have addressed the question, “ can you store bread in original packing?” as well as other questions pertaining to the subject at hand like how to store bread so it lasts longer and the tips for storing bread in the freezer.