Can you freeze banana pudding?

In this article, we will answer the question “Can you freeze banana pudding?” and discuss how to freeze banana pudding?

Can you freeze banana pudding?

Yes, you can freeze banana pudding. Make use of the leftovers of your freshly-made dessert if you don’t want to throw them away! The texture and look of the pudding may be altered by freezing and thawing the pudding in the correct manner.

Since freezing essentially halts the activity of microorganisms, it can control microbiological spoilage for indefinite periods, provided the temperatures are low enough (e.g. below −10◦C). However, many micro-organisms, like many other biological systems, can survive freezing conditions and retain their ability to multiply when conditions become comparatively more favorable. Therefore, although banana pudding may be safely preserved by freezing, it should be rapidly consumed after thawing (2).  

Based on market reports of the annual sales of confectionery products and frozen desserts, the confectionery sector is much larger than the frozen desserts, occupying 85% of the market. Among the four sub-sectors, chocolates command the highest market value (44.6%), followed by biscuits (26.8%), with cakes (16.9%) and ice cream (11.6%) claiming the rest of the market. However, the market split is quite different with respect to the total sales volume, where biscuits occupy more than a half (55%) and chocolates only a fifth of the market; the cakes and ice cream have a similar share of 11.5% and 13%, respectively (3).

Banana Pudding Freezes Well, Is This True?

Banana pudding is layered with vanilla pudding, cookies or wafers, and banana slices. Whipped cream or meringue may be used as a final layer. Banana pudding isn’t suited for freezing since it has so many components that don’t freeze well on its own, particularly over an extended period of time.

  • When freezing banana pudding, the following is what you may expect:
  • Once thawed, custard tends to split when it’s defrosted.
  • Banana slices get dark and mushy.
  • Moisture dries up cookies and wafers and eliminates banana pudding’s most appealing feature: the tactile variances that make the desert so unique.

When starch-containing foods such as sauces, soups and desserts, are subjected to freeze-thawing, their microstructure, textures and other physicochemical properties might be extensively changed. Low temperature freeze-thawing treatment of concentrated paste gives rise to cryotropic gel formation, resulting in sponge-like textures in the final products. During freezing, water molecules in starch gels form ice crystals and starch molecules aggregate. When thawed, the starch gels are separated to water and starch-rich phases, this phenomenon is defined as the syneresis. The extent of phase separation increased with additional freeze-thaw cycles due to an increase in amylopectin retrogradation in the starch-rich phase (1).

Some individuals say that whipped cream freezes nicely. Only if the whipped cream is frozen in little amounts of heavy whipped cream is this true. Whipped cream is the last layer of the banana pudding dish. People prefer to use much of it to counteract the sweetness. 

Don’t anticipate whipped cream to freeze either. When it comes to banana pudding, there’s a lot of water in it and it doesn’t freeze well. Consequently, the thawed banana pudding will not have the same texture and smoothness as it had when it was frozen. With that stated, if you’re deciding between throwing away banana pudding leftovers or freezing them, go for the latter. 

Keeping banana pudding in the fridge isn’t the ideal choice since it rapidly absorbs tastes from the things surrounding it, therefore freezing is an acceptable storage option.. As a result, you can store banana pudding in a freezer. 

It’s important to know the appropriate way to accomplish it so that the changes in texture and taste are kept to a minimum. Remember that frozen and defrosted banana pudding won’t taste as wonderful as freshly baked, so keep that in mind while making your purchase.

Freezing Banana Pudding: A Quick and Easy Recipe

Unlike other frozen desserts, banana pudding can’t be prepared ahead of time and kept in the freezer. However, if you’re prone to having banana pudding leftovers, there are a few things to consider beginning with the dish’s preparation. To get the best results while freezing banana pudding, follow these steps:

  • Put together all of the pudding ingredients, including custard, whipped cream, and cookies.
  • Bananas, peeled and sliced. Brush the lemon slices with lemon juice before putting them into the layers of pudding. Lemon juice has an acidic component that slows the oxidation process. When you thaw the dessert, the bananas will not turn brown. Banana pudding that has been defrosted doesn’t seem all that appetizing. It will appear worse if the banana slices are brown.
  • Layer the ingredients in a manner that is pleasing to you.
  • Put as much pudding in an airtight container as you need to freeze. You must use a container with an airtight top to prevent the pudding from developing freezer burn and picking up the smell of the fridge while it’s in the freezer.
  • Make sure the container isn’t overfilled. Allow one inch between the pudding and the cover. The pudding grows as it freezes.
  • Before sealing the pudding, cover it with a piece of food wrap. This will keep the pudding from drying out at the bottom.
  • Apply the lid to the container. Put food wrap over the pudding container to keep out any air.
  • The date should be written on the container.

The better the pudding is, the sooner you freeze it. This is a critical step in ensuring that the texture and taste of the finished product remain unchanged. If you want to store the dessert in the fridge for a few days, don’t put it in the freezer.

Is Banana Pudding Safe to Freeze?

The answer is yes, you can freeze banana pudding from the shop. The method of freezing is the same as that used to make pudding at home. Two things to bear in mind, though. Put the banana pudding in an airtight container before freezing it. 

Secondly, be sure to label your container with the expiry date that is listed on the carton. If you know you won’t need to thaw a large batch of banana pudding, freeze it in smaller amounts. As well as being dangerous, the refreezing banana pudding may have a significant impact on its texture (2).


In this article, we answered the question “Can you freeze banana pudding?” and we discussed how to freeze banana pudding?


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