Can you freeze baked cookies? 

In this brief guide, we’ll address the query: “Can you freeze baked cookies?” Also, we’ll explore how baked cookies can be frozen, how baked cookies can be defrosted, how cookies can be stored, and what types of cookies are the most perishable. 

Can you freeze baked cookies? 

Yes, freezing is a possible and sometimes practical storage alternative for users to store batches of cookies. 

They can be frozen if they’ve been bought in bulk, or if they’ve been baked in sizable caches. 

Cookies can be stored for up to three weeks at room temperature before they show signs of growing stale, whereas, in refrigeration, they can keep for up to two months, and frozen, they can be preserved for up to one year. 

Below, we’ll review a few guidelines users can follow to properly freeze their batches of cookies. 

How can I freeze baked cookies? 

Freezing cookies requires that they first be at room temperature. This is important in the case of homemade cookies, as users may have to wait for them to cool down. 

Once they’re at room temperature, the cookies can then be neatly stacked (if they’re not too crumbly) and then covered in at least two layers of plastic cling wrap. The stacked cookies can then be placed inside a freeze-resistant container or a heavy-duty freezer bag. 

As much air as possible should be drawn out to reduce the risk of freezer burns. 

They’re now ready to be frozen and should be stored in a ledge or freezer compartment where they won’t be crushed by other foods. 

Cookies that are quite fragile can be frozen by being laid out on dishes and then covered in plastic cling wrap, though users may have to be careful when shuffling or storing other foods around them. 

Properly frozen, cookies can be preserved for up to a whole year in refrigeration, though they may remain safe to consume well after. 

How can baked cookies be defrosted? 

To defrost cookies, users can take them out of the freezer and leave them to defrost in refrigeration, or on the countertop. 

If time is of the essence, they can be heated in a microwave oven or lightly baked to warm them, though users should do so cautiously to avoid excess desiccation.  

How can I store cookies? 

Cookies can be stored at room temperature for up to three weeks, within a sealed container or bag. They must remain tightly sealed to keep out critters such as ants, weevils, and other animals that could easily have a frenzy. 

Similarly to how they can be kept at room temperature, they can be stored in refrigeration, where they’ll keep for up to two months. This alternative preserves freshness, especially of those cookies high in fat that tend to go rancid. 

Whenever possible, readers should procure special containers for cookies, such as tight-sealing containers, and jars, or preserve them in their original packaging, in the case of store bought cookies. 

What types of cookies are the most perishable? 

Cookies with high ratios of sugar and fat are the most perishable. Those with decorative elements such as glazings, marmalades, frosting, and high-moisture content are more perishable than drier cookies. 

Cookies with higher fat content are also more susceptible to breakdown, as their fat content may oxidize and become rancid. 

Cookies with dairy moisture may also require refrigeration, as they can spoil if stored inadequately,  and may even trigger symptoms of food poisoning. 

We advise our users to always store their food safely, following the guidelines provided by manufacturers or recipe authors. 

Furthermore, we advise them to wisely choose what cookies they’ll consume as some may have more added sugars, fat, sodium, and calories than others. 

As a reminder, we also advise our readers to be mindful of their daily intake of calories and to combine cookies (regardless of the type) with a balanced diet and aerobic exercise. 

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In this brief guide, we’ve addressed the query: “Can you freeze baked cookies?” Also, we’ve explored how baked cookies can be frozen, how baked cookies can be defrosted, how cookies can be stored, and what types of cookies are the most perishable.  


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