Can you freeze baileys?

In this article, we will answer the question “Can you freeze baileys?” and discuss the best way to store baileys?

Can you freeze baileys?

No, you cannot freeze baileys. Freezing Baileys is not suggested. The freezing and thawing operations will have a considerable impact on the texture since it is a blend of whiskey and cream. If you want your Baileys slightly chilly, it is recommended to keep it in the pantry or in the refrigerator. Baileys may be served as a dessert by certain individuals. 

There are others who see it as an alcoholic beverage. Whatever your situation, it’s always a good idea to be aware of the best practices for preserving the beverages you’ve allowed linger in your cabinet for years. The microbial shelf-life of cream liqueurs causes little concern, because human pathogens are unable to grow in this medium of high ethanol and sugar content (1).

Baileys is an alcoholic beverage made with cream, that is, it is an emulsion and therefore, is physically unstable over time. Freezing may accelerate the destabilization of the emulsion and lead to the three different types of physico-chemical defects that have been noted in cream liqueurs: (a) cream plug formation, (b) serum separation and (c) precipitate formation (1).

According to research results, more than 35% consumers buy liqueurs in supermarkets, and more than 30% – in entertaining establishments, such as a bar, club or restaurant (4).

Is Baileys safe to freeze?

It’s difficult to freeze alcohol. Alcohol’s freezing point depends on the kind. The higher the alcohol level, the more likely it is that your beverage will come out of the freezer untouched, partially exploded, or with significant changes inconsistency. 

The lower the temperature at which a drink may be frozen, the more alcohol it contains. Baileys Irish Cream has a booze percentage of 17 percent. This drink, as you may have guessed from the entire name, also contains cream. Dairy cream and whiskey make up Baileys, an Irish whiskey-based beverage. 

Baileys freezes to a certain degree because of its low alcoholic content. You’ll end up with ice cubes when you freeze the cream. The texture will change as it defrosts. So, if you freeze Baileys, you’ll get a slushy alcoholic beverage with a frozen cream component. The drink’s consistency will change after it’s defrosted.

Coalescence, an irreversible process, is the increase in particle size due to fusing of individual droplets. It is apparent that flocculation can be seen as the precursor of coalescence. The process can occur at the time of formation of the emulsion (re-coalescence) or when the emulsion is subjected to stresses e.g. freeze-thaw cycles (2).

The best way to keep Baileys is in the fridge.

A bottle of unopened Baileys may be kept in the pantry or a kitchen cabinet. Here are a few tips for keeping it safe:

  • Keep it in a room with a temperature between 32 and 77 degrees Fahrenheit, if possible.
  • Keep the beverage out of direct sunlight and other sources of heat.
  • Keep the bottle in a dark, dry place.
  • Temperature variations might damage it, so keep it out of the way. 

Following the above-mentioned storage guidelines, an opened bottle of Baileys may be kept at room temperature. An unopened bottle of Baileys may also be kept cool in the refrigerator. Even though Baileys may be stored at room temperature, many people prefer to keep it in the refrigerator. 

Some claim that the flavor of Baileys Irish Cream improves greatly when it is cooled. Keep the bottle sealed while storing opened Baileys. The drink will decay significantly more quickly if it is exposed to the elements.

How long is Baileys good for?

According to the producer, Baileys keeps its greatest taste for two years even if the bottle isn’t opened. Before purchasing the drink or drinking it after a long period of time, be sure to check the “Best by” date on the bottle. Quality will begin to decline after two years, and it will eventually become unusable (3). 

Even though the ‘Best by’ date on the bottle has passed, the booze is still likely to be excellent. Cream liquors, on the other hand, are more susceptible to spoiling than those that don’t include any dairy. Keep in mind that this Bailey’s shelf life estimate is only valid if you keep the beverage correctly. 

As a bonus, refrigerating Baileys does not lengthen its shelf life, but it preserves its taste for a longer period of time. Many methods exist to use up half of a bottle of Baileys if you don’t want to throw it away. Baileys may be used in baking, making mousses and dips, or simply drizzled over ice cream.

During storage, the main problem facing cream liqueur is physical instability, and homogenization is a key technological step in producing cream liqueurs with very small diameters of fat globules and thereby ensuring the product‘s long-term stability. When the fat globules are more stable in the aqueous phase of the emulsion, coalescence is less likely and also devoid of creaming or the unsightly neck plug as seen in extremely aged cream liqueurs that occur in the bottle necks. The presence of alcohol in the cream liqueur helps in preservation of the liqueur and ensures maximum microbial stability and extended shelf life (3).

What Are the Signs That Baileys Has Turned Sour?

As a result of the cream in Baileys, you should be extra watchful for any symptoms of deterioration. It is true that Baileys contains whiskey to function as a natural preservative and keep the cream from spoiling, but this is not a long-term solution. 

Try sniffing the bottle to determine whether it’s still good. Smelling bad dairy is definitely an easy way to tell if anything is off. Pour the drink into a glass to check the consistency and colour whether it smells okay. The formation of ethyl esters is a major limiting factor to the sensory quality of cream liqueurs which increases in concentration after a while. These compounds are formed when fatty acids and alcohol react and appear as fruity notes in the cream liqueur (3).

A clumpy drink indicates that it has been subjected to temperature changes. Don’t consume the booze in these situations. The deeper the hue of the Baileys, the more likely it is to be a bad batch. There is no harm in drinking Baileys if it is appealing to the senses. Consider switching to another beverage if you’ve been holding onto the bottle for too long.

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In this article, we answered the question “Can you freeze baileys?” and we discussed the best way to store baileys?


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