Can you freeze aquafaba mousse?

In this brief guide, we’ll address the query: “Can you freeze aquafaba mousse?” Also, we’ll explore how aquafaba mousse can be frozen, what aquafaba mousse is, what the nutritional content of aquafaba mousse is, and what are the health benefits of eating aquafaba mousse? 

Can you freeze aquafaba mousse

Yes, aquafaba mousse can be frozen. It’s a handy long-term storage alternative that can help economize fridge space. 

It can help preserve a surplus when users make a large batch, or it can be made beforehand, frozen, and enjoyed at a later time. 

Aquafaba mousse can be frozen by following a few simple guidelines, that we’ll describe below.

How can I freeze aquafaba mousse be frozen? 

Freezing aquafaba mousse requires storing it in freezer-resistant containers and sealing them tightly.

Alternatively, it can be scooped into glass containers such as pudding cups, and be covered with at least two layers of plastic cling wrap to protect it from the frigid air. This will prevent desiccation and allow it to keep for much longer. 

Properly frozen, mousse made with aquafaba can be preserved for up to 2 months. 

To defrost it, it should be left to thaw out in the refrigerator overnight, or left covered at room temperature on the countertop. Defrosting mousse at higher temperatures will destroy its texture by melting it.  

What is aquafaba mousse

Aquafaba mousse alludes to vegan-mousse, which is made with aquafaba. 

Mousse itself is a dessert of French heritage that can be made with egg whites, whipped milk cream. There are many flavors, though the most commonly known are chocolate and variations made with fruits. 

They can be served hot or warm, and are prepared by mixing egg whites with salt, and and separately mixing yolks with sugar or salt (per the chosen recipe’s indications). 

However in aquafaba mousse, the aquafaba stands in for the eggs, and after it is mixed with salt or sugar, it can be carefully blended with cream, vanilla and other flavoring agents. 

Particularly, aquafaba that is being made into mousse must be stabilized to keep the dish’s consistency. This can be done by incorporating acid into it. 

After being stabilized, it can be whipped with all the other ingredients noted in the recipe.

Aquafaba is a vegan friendly alternative to dairy products or eggs, and is growing in popularity as more people opt for plant-based diets. 

What is the nutritional content of aquafaba mousse

The exact nutritional content of aquafaba mousse will depend on the chosen recipe and the ingredients used to prepare and flavor it. 

In the case of a chocolate aquafaba mousse, a ⅓ of a cup serving will provide, on average: 

  • 275 calories
  • 10 grams of protein
  • 16.7 grams of fat
  • 49 grams of carbohydrates – of which 6.8 grams are fiber

Additionally, the same portion can provide 11.3% of the suggested daily intake of Iron, and 6% of the SDI of magnesium.  

What are the health benefits of eating aquafaba mousse?

When consumed sporadically, and in moderate portions, aquafaba mousse should have no detrimental effects on a person’s health. 

However, due to the amount of calories it provides, it should not be consumed by those on stringent weight loss diets. 

Additionally, the amount of fat present in aquafaba makes it contraindicated for those diagnosed or at risk of heart disease, fatty liver disease and other disorders. 

The sugar present in it makes it contraindicated for type II diabetes patients, those with insulin resistance, fatty liver disease, and those looking to lose weight. 

Despite its vegan-friendly nature, its consumption may not be synonymous with healthy, and should be consumed in moderation. 

We advise our readers to always be mindful of their daily calorie intake, avoid overeating and to combine the occasional treat with a balanced diet and aerobic exercise. 

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In this brief guide, we’ve addressed the query: “Can you freeze aquafaba mousse?” Also, we’ve explored how aquafaba mousse can be frozen, what aquafaba mousse is, what the nutritional content of aquafaba mousse is, and what are the health benefits of eating aquafaba mousse? 


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