Can you freeze Almond milk?

In this brief guide, we address the question, “can you freeze almond milk” as well as other related questions pertaining to the subject at hand like how long can you preserve almond milk in the freezer or should you freeze almond milk. 

Can you freeze almond milk? 

Yes, you can freeze almond milk. However, some brand manufactures advise you not to do so because it will bring a change in the texture and flavour of the milk. 

Do you find cow’s milk less tasty or are you tired of the taste of regular milk? If you’re looking for a product as nutritious as milk then we may have the perfect solution for you! 

Almond milk is enriched with vitamins, minerals, along with some sweeteners and preservatives. Moreover, it naturally contains Vitamin E in good quantity.

Does almond milk go bad? 

Yes. Almond milk is essentially a derivative, therefore it will go bad once it is opened. 

In its natural state, almond milk has a much greater shelf life. Once opened, it will only last 5-7 days in a cool, dry place. 

When almond milk is used after freezing, it will only stay fresh from a few hours to 1-2 days depending on how you store it. Therefore, choosing the right storage method and tricks is essential.

Should you freeze almond milk? 

You should prefer NOT to freeze almond milk depending on how you want to consume it. If unopened, almond milk has a shelf life of several months. 

This shelf life is enough for a relatively long term storage in its original state rather than putting it in the freezer and messing up the texture, color, and flavour of your almond milk

But wait, there’s more! Not everyone is so disciplined in their life that they know exactly how much almond milk they want to consume. Maybe your sibling likes it and now you want to try it as well, but you realize it doesn’t go well with your tastebuds. 

When should you freeze almond milk?

You should freeze almond milk if you don’t wish to drink it anymore. There are several opinions in this regard. 

People who drink almond milk in large quantities often freeze it to consume later. There is only a little change in the composition and regular drinkers are usually unbothered by it. 

If you are not a regular drinker and you want to freeze it, there is no harm in doing so. It is much better than disposing it off. 

Although most people vote against freezing the milk, yet there are some interesting methods of freezing that all agree to. 

Freezing in small portions, and in airtight containers is the best way to go. You should also freeze almond milk when you want to use it in a dish rather than consuming it whole. 

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How to defrost almond milk? 

There are several ways and tips that you need to keep in mind while defrosting almond milk. The most common is to let it defrost in the fridge.

In the fridge 

Always use an airtight container. When almond milk is frozen, the oily and milky layers are separated out. This is why it is preferred to store almond milk in small portions. 

Thawing is best carried out in the fridge because keeping it out in the open will decrease shelf life to less than a few hours. 

Once the almond milk is thawed, make sure you blend it properly for thorough mixing. Doing this is essential because it will create a uniform texture throughout the almond milk. 

Fill in small portions

Always keep the milk in small portions in different containers. Large containers take more time for thawing. 

Keeping milk in small containers will also ensure that you are not overusing or overexposing the unused milk when needed.

You should also never freeze thawed out almond milk again. Because then you not even get close to getting its original flavour, texture, and color back.

How to use defrosted almond milk?

  • You can use defrosted almond milk in smoothies. During blending, the almond milk will automatically maintain its flavour. 
  • You can use defrosted almond milk in cooked dishes or desserts. In this way, the ingredients of the milk will heat up and mix properly. 
  • You can also use defrosted almond milk during the baking process. 
  • Yes, you can simply just drink the defrosted almond milk, but you need to make sure that you mix it vigorously in order to preserve the texture, flavour, and color. 


In this brief guide, we addressed the question, “can you freeze almond milk” as well as other related questions pertaining to the subject at hand like how long can you preserve almond milk in the freezer or should you freeze almond milk.