Can you freeze 70-proof alcohol?

In this article, we’ll explore the query: “Can you freeze 70-proof alcohol?” Also, we’ll address how 70-proof alcohol can be frozen, what 70-proof alcohol is, what beverages have 70-proof alcohol, and what happens if you consume 70-proof alcohol? 

Can you freeze 70-proof alcohol

Yes, 70-proof alcohol, also known as 35% alcohol, can freeze if left at a cold enough temperature. Despite the common belief that alcohol does not freeze, this is because refrigerator freezers don’t have a low enough temperature that will solidify 70-proof alcohol. 

Pure water solidifies at 0 degrees celsius, whereas 200-proof alcohol (100% ethanol) turns to ice at -114.1°C. Accordingly, a 70-proof alcohol solution may solidify at around -23 to -27 degrees celsius, as some spirits may have other substances such as sugars dissolved that can lower the solidifying temperature. 

As refrigerator freezers’ temperatures rarely descend below -20°C, spirits with 35% alcohol can be stored and kept cold inside freezers. 

However, in the case of some 70-proof alcoholic beverages, such as those that are distilled and then aged in casks, exposing them to cold temperatures may degrade some aromatic components and destroy their flavors, so all in all, it may not be recommended for all beverages.

How can I freeze 70-proof alcohol

Seventy-proof alcohol can be stored in a freezer by simply placing the tightly sealed bottle inside of a unit.  As kitchen freezers will not have temperatures descending to those that would solidify 70-proof spirits, there is little risk of a spirit expanding and cracking, let alone shattering the bottle.

However, freezing may not be ideal for all spirits, such as pre-made cocktail mixes and crème liqueurs; the ingredients used to make these may build up at the bottom when stored in a freezer, as lower temperatures decrease solubility and some components will sit at the bottom.  

These spirits should be shaken to remix them, but if the aroma or taste is off, they may have suffered irreversible denaturation. 

Some pure spirits may become cloudy when frozen, but this phenomenon, known as freezing point depression, is reversible; simply by thawing the beverage, and is simply a result of the (relatively) low amount of alcohol. 

What is 70-proof alcohol

Seventy-proof alcohol alludes to alcoholic beverages or spirits that have 35% alcohol volume, as the percentage of alcohol expressed in proof units amounts to twice the value of alcohol percentage. 

What beverages have 70-proof alcohol

Often, beverages such as liqueurs and premixed cocktails or infusions made with fruits and herbs are 70-proof alcohols. Other distilled drinks may include brandy, gin, vodka, and schnapps, although often, quality standards require these to have at least 40% bottling alcohol. 

What happens if you drink 70-proof alcohol

Occasionally drinking small amounts of 70-proof alcoholic spirits may have no adverse effects on one’s health.

If however, it is consumed in copious amounts, short-term effects may include inebriation, a lack of coordination, mood swings, disinhibition, and if consumed in dangerously high amounts, may even lead to death by alcoholic congestion. 

Of course, alcohol consumption may also lead to long-term detrimental effects, such as liver disease, heart disease, the increased risk of some oral and digestive cancers, diminished cognitive function, social problems, mental health disorders, digestive problems and many others that may require rehabilitation or even hospitalization. 

Notably, studied have shown that combining casual drinking with a habit of smoking, can greatly increase the risk of oral, respiratory, and digestive cancers. 

In the case of liqueurs and cocktails, depending on the ingredients used, they may be rich in calories and added sugars, which is something that readers intending to moderate their calorie intake should bear in mind. 

As is the rule with all types of alcohol, age groups and people with certain conditions should not partake in alcoholic beverages. 

Minors, pregnant woman and the elderly should altogether eschew alcohol consumption, as it may trigger an onslaught of health problem in both short and long terms. 

While we don’t discourage responsibly indulging in an occasional drink or cocktail, we do recommend that readers bear in mind what their alcohol threshold is, and avoid excessive consumption. 


In this article, we’ve explored the query: “Can you freeze 70-proof alcohol?” Also, we’ve addressed how 70-proof alcohol can be frozen, what 70-proof alcohol is, what beverages have 70-proof alcohol, and what happens if you consume 70-proof alcohol? 


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