Can you freeze 7 layer magic bars?

This brief guide will address the query: “Can you freeze 7 layer magic bars?” Also, we’ll explore how 7 layer magic bars can be frozen, what 7 layer magic bars are, what the nutritional content of 7 layer magic bars is, and if they’re healthy to eat. 

Can you freeze 7 layer magic bars

Yes, 7 layer magic bars can be preserved in the freezer. Refrigerated, these bars can be preserved for up to a week, though some authors maintain that they can also be stored at room temperature for a week.

Freezing 7-layer magic bars is handy when looking to preserve them for a more prolonged period, as they will go stale after a week in refrigeration, and if left at room temperature, microorganisms may begin to grow on them. 

How can I freeze 7 layer magic bars

Freezing 7 layer magic bars requires only that they be cut into pieces and placed inside of a freeze-resistant container, or within a quality freezer bag and have the excess air drawn out. 

Once encased, the bars can then be stored at subzero temperatures, where they will remain at peak freshness for up to three months. 

Defrosting requires that they be left to sit at room temperature or overnight in the fridge, as heating them may liquefy some of the ingredients. 

What are 7 layer magic bars

Seven layer magic bars are a baked dessert made out of graham crackers, butter, condensed milk, chocolate chips, butterscotch chips, shredded coconut, and pecan nuts, although pecan nuts can be substituted by any other type of nut.  

Other ingredients that may stand-in for the aforementioned, or complement a recipe include wafers, ginger cookies, marshmallows, dried fruit, toffee candy, white chocolate, coated chocolate beans, caramel, etc. 

Despite their name, 7 layer magic bars don’t necessarily have seven layers; although they are made with seven ingredients, the butter is mixed with the graham crackers at the bottom and may only constitute one layer. 

Preparing 7 layer magic bars will first require that the oven in which they’ll be baked be preheated to 370°F. 

The baking dish that will be used can then be slathered with cooking oil, and then lined with paper. 

The next step consists in preparing the bottom layer, which is the crust. The graham crackers should be finely whittled down and mixed with melted butter in a bowl until they’ve both formed a semi-solid mass. Once the mass is malleable, it can be poured into the baking dish and molded against the basin. 

Next, the condensed milk should be emptied over the crust and evenly spread over the crust with the help of a silicone spatula. 

After the condensed milk has been spread, ingredients such as chocolate chips, butterscotch chips, nuts, and coconut shavings can be evenly sprinkled over the milk and lightly pressed into it so they remain steady. 

Once all the ingredients have been carefully placed in the baking dish, they can be placed in the oven and left to bake for 30 to 35 minutes. Once it has cooked, there will be some browning visible on the edges of the dessert. 

It must cool to room temperature, and for the mixture to fully solidify, it can be left overnight in the fridge. After, the pastry can be cut into bars or squares and served chilled.  

In refrigeration, 7 layer magical bars can keep for up to one week, and are best enjoyed firm and chewy, a day or two after being baked and then refrigerated. 

What is the nutritional content of 7 layer magical bars

On average, one 99 gram portion of 7 layer magical bars will provide: 

  • 470 calories
  • 5 grams of protein
  • 27 grams of fat, of which 6 grams are saturated fat
  • 55 grams of carbohydrates. of which 3 grams are dietary fiber and 29 grams are sugar.
  • 190 milligrams of sodium
  • And 5 milligrams of cholesterol.

Additionally, they may provide 15% of the suggested daily intake of vitamin A, 15% of the SDI of iron, and trace amounts of vitamin C and calcium. 

Is eating 7 layer magical bars healthy? 

Eating 7 layer magical bars may be considered healthy if they are enjoyed in small quantities, and not often. 

They are high in calories, sugar, and fat, which doesn’t make them weight loss-friendly, and they are not ideal for patients with metabolic syndromes such as diabetes or high blood pressure. 

What’s more, is that some ingredients such as the biscuits and the marshmallows may be sweetened with high fructose corn syrup, which is associated with a plethora of health problems

Also, in patients with severe nut allergies, 7 layer magical bars may trigger reactions that may require medical treatment. 

Summarizing, 7 layer magical bars should be consumed occasionally and in small amounts. 


This brief guide addressed the query: “Can you freeze 7 layer magic bars?” Also, we’ve explored how 7 layer magic bars can be frozen, what 7 layer magic bars are, what the nutritional content of 7 layer magic bars is, and if they’re healthy to eat. 


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