Can you freeze 505 green chile?

In this brief guide, we’ll address the query: “Can you freeze 505 green chile?” Also, we’ll explore how you can store 505 green chile, what 505 green chile is, what the nutritional content of 505 green chile is, and is it healthy to eat? 

Can you freeze 505 green chile

Yes, 505 green chile sauce can be stored in a freezer to preserve it for an extended period. 

However, this is only practical in the case of opened jars, as it would make little sense to freeze unopened jars of 505 green chile, as they are filled, sealed, and sterilized when packaged. 

Once frozen, 505 green chile sauce can keep for up to six months at peak freshness, after which, its quality may have diminished, making it less palatable. 

How can I store 505 green chile

Ideally, 505 green chile sauce that will be consumed in the short term can easily be stored in refrigeration, after two hours (at the most) of sitting at room temperature. It can be taken out from the fridge as needed and used accordingly. 

Notably, when storing it in the fridge, it should not be stored with any metal utensils, as they may spoil the sauce’s taste by conferring a metallic flavor. Refrigerated, green chile sauce is best consumed within the first five days of opening/cooking. 

However, in the event that our readers don’t intend to use it for quite some time after opening, it can be placed inside of a freeze-resistant container, or inside of a quality freezer bag 

Freezing 505 green chile sauce inside of its signature jar may not be practical, as the glass may not be tempered and if the sauce expands upon solidifying, there’s always the possibility that it will crack or burst.  

Once frozen, it should only be defrosted once, and promptly consumed thereafter, as a second round of freezing and defrosting will greatly denature the sauce’s texture and palatability. 

What is 505 green chile

505 green chile is a premade green chile sauce made with their own brand green chilies, tomatoes, onions, garlic, rice flour, lime juice and salt. 

It is distributed in jars of 8, 16, and 40 ounces, and is available in many retail establishments. 

Additionally, there are many recipes that describe cooking meat dishes in crockpots with 505’s signature green chile, and it is used as a topping in many other dishes such as tacos. 

What is the nutritional content of 505 green chile

On average, 2 tablespoons of 505 green chile contain: 

  • 2.5 calories
  • 0 grams of protein
  • 0 grams of fat
  • 1 gram of carbohydrates
  • 47.5 milligrams of sodium

As well as trace amounts of vitamin A, vitamin C, calcium and iron. 

Store Bought presentations will have higher amounts of sodium, as it is used as a preserving agent, along with a binding agent to help it maintain its consistency. In the case of 505 green chile, the binding agent is rice flour. 

Is 505 green chile healthy to eat? 

505 Green chile can be considered healthy to eat, so long as it is part of a balanced diet that is moderated in carbohydrates and contains protein and fiber. 

As such, 505 green chile offers scant nutrition, as it is low in calories and has almost no substantial amounts of protein to speak of. 

Additionally, it contains added sodium and may contribute to one’s daily intake of salt, which should be ingested in moderation. 

Some readers may experience discomfort after consuming green chile sauce, as it may have irritating effects on the digestive lining, and produce symptoms such as heartburn, colitis, 

While the manufacturer maintains it is gluten, allergy, and preservative-free, it should be consumed in moderation.

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In this brief guide, we’ve addressed the query: “Can you freeze 505 green chile?” Also, we’ve explored how you can store 505 green chile, what 505 green chile is, what the nutritional content of 505 green chile is, and is it healthy to eat?