Can you freeze 5 hour energy drinks?

In this brief guide, we’ll address the query: “Can you freeze five hour energy drinks?” Also, we’ll explore why you shouldn’t preserve five hour energy in a freezer, what five hour energy is, what is the nutritional content of five hour energy and is it healthy to consume? 

Can you freeze 5 hour energy drinks

No, it’s not recommended that you preserve 5 hour energy drinks in a freezer. As carbonated drinks contain more air dissolved in the liquid, they can easily become more pressurized than flat drinks and therefore don’t need to solidify before they burst a can or bottle.

Depending on the temperature of a freezer, some authors maintain that as little as 25 minutes can be enough for a carbonated beverage to burst and create a mess that’ll require a fridge to be thawed out and deeply cleaned.  

Why shouldn’t I preserve 5 hour energy drinks in a freezer? 

As carbonated energy drinks contain dissolved gas and many substances such as amino-acids sweeteners and stimulants dissolved in them, they will have a lower freezing point than plain water and may burst when placed inside of a freezer, long before they solidify. 

A burst can is an unpleasant experience we don’t wish for our readers to experience, and many authors fervently advise against placing energy drinks in the freezer. 

What are 5 hour energy drinks

Five hour energy is a brand of stimulant beverages formulated and sold by Living Essentials, a company currently based in Novi, Michigan. 

The most common decoction sold by the company is packaged in small vials and is commonly marketed as an “energy shot,” which is jargon for a small amount of liquid that is charged with a proportionately high dose of caffeine, These vials often contain between 50-60 milliliters of a flavored energy drink 

However, carbonated energy drinks in 16 fluid-ounce cans are also available, and these are the focus of this article, as shots are usually consumed as a whole, and wouldn’t require freezing when they can be drunk in a few gulps. 

What is the nutritional content of 5 hour energy

The express nutritional content of a 16 fl oz (473.176 ml) can of carbonated five hour energy is: 

  • 0 calories
  • 0 grams of protein
  • 0grams of fat
  • 0 grams of carbohydrates
  • 0 milligrams of cholesterol

It is a caffeine-rich drink that contains very high amounts of niacin, vitamin B6, vitamin B12, and potassium, at least twice the recommended daily intake of each, based on a diet of 2000 calories a day. 

Is it healthy to consume 5 hour energy

Five-hour energy has been at the center of many controversies, but many sources have reached a consensus on its consumption not being healthy. 

Per the fabricant’s instructions, a warning label printed on the bottle suggests that it be consumed in moderation, and first-time consumers should only try a fraction of the purchased beverage to gauge their body’s reaction to the formula. 

People who have a sensitivity to caffeine should not indulge in five-hour energy, as it can trigger anxiety, irregular heart rates, insomnia, headaches, dehydration, and restlessness. 

Also, it should not be consumed as a meal replacement, as it offers no nourishment and is packed full of artificial sweeteners that may have detrimental effects on the pancreas and kidneys. 

Also, these artificial sweeteners may cause problems in diabetic patients by stimulating the bacteria in their gut and increasing their resistance to insulin. 

Children and teenagers should not consume 5 hour energy, due to the amount of caffeine present in the formula, which may cause developmental issues, such as addiction or dependence, as well as causing irregularities in heart rates 

Consuming energy drinks in general, regardless of the brand, can lead to an onset of cardiovascular issues, such as an increase in blood pressure, and heart rate, and affect blood vessels throughout the body. 

Additionally, the FDA has issued warnings noting that consuming energy drinks in place of resting and sleeping the necessary amount of hours is detrimental to one’s health. 

To summarize, five hour energy drinks should be consumed sparingly, if at all. 


In this brief guide, we’ve addressed the query: “Can you freeze five hour energy drinks?” Also, we’ve explored why you shouldn’t preserve five hour energy in a freezer, what five hour energy is, what is the nutritional content of five hour energy and is it healthy to consume?


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