Can you freeze 4 day old cooked chicken?

In this article, we’ll focus on the query: “Can you freeze four-day-old cooked chicken?” Also, we’ll explore how cooked chicken can be frozen, how long cooked chicken can be stored, and what precautions to take when storing cooked chicken. 

Can you freeze 4 day old cooked chicken?

Yes, it is possible to freeze 4-day-old cooked chicken, though it should be noted that after four days of refrigeration it won’t be at peak freshness, and freezing it will not restore it, so much as it will preserve it in its current state. 

If chicken is adequately stored, it will maintain its freshness for up to 4 months, but may remain safe to consume once said period has elapsed. It’s also worth noting that chicken that has constantly been stored at a temperature of -18 °C will keep indefinitely. 

How can cooked chicken be frozen?

Cooked chicken can be stored in a freezer simply by placing it within a tight-sealing box, or inside of a quality freezer bag. 

It’s important to remove as much air as possible to prevent the cooked meat from suffering freeze burns and dehydration that will affect its organoleptic qualities.  

How long can cooked chicken be stored? 

Cooked chicken can be kept for around four days in refrigeration, whereas freezing it will extend its shelf life for up to six months. 

However, how the meat is cooked, also plays a part in determining how long cooked chicken can preserve top quality while frozen.

For example; chicken in casserole recipes, submerged in broth or stews, can remain frozen for up to six months, whereas smaller cooked pieces of meat such as nuggets or patties can preserve their quality for around three months. 

Cooked chicken that is left sitting at room temperature should not remain so for more than 2 hours, as the more time elapses, the higher chance that potentially disease-causing microbes will have begun to grow over it.

What precautions should I take when storing cooked chicken

Storing cooked chicken adequately can prevent it from spoiling, as well as prevent food-borne illness. 

As we’ve mentioned above, cooked chicken, regardless of how it was prepared, should not be left to sit out for more than two hours at room temperature, let alone in the open. 

This meat will likely already have microorganisms on it that have begun to break down the meat’s fibers and fatty content and may cause illness if ingested.

Storing cooked chicken requires planning, namely, how soon it can be consumed. If our readers anticipate that they won’t be revisiting a plate of cooked chicken within the next three to five days, it may be in their best interest to freeze it, per the above recommendations. 

If however, the cooked chicken will be eaten before five days have elapsed, it is just as convenient to refrigerate it, rather than store it in a freezer, only to then have to defrost it.  

In the case of defrosting frozen chicken, this can be done by leaving it overnight to thaw in a refrigerating unit, or if pressed for time; in bain-marie under running cold water or in a microwave.

Cooked chicken that has been defrosted with running water or heat should be eaten immediately, as the sudden change in temperature may favor the growth of microbes. 

Chicken that has been defrosted in a fridge, on the other hand, can keep for up to three days before beginning to spoil. 

Only cooked chicken that has been defrosted in a fridge can be refrozen, and it is best done within four days of being thawed out in refrigeration. 

At the first sign of a viscous appearance or the slightest hint of a foul odor coming from the chicken, it should be thrown out. We advise our readers not to take any chances or risk becoming ill by so much as tasting it.

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In this article, we’ve addressed the query: “Can you freeze 4 day old cooked chicken.?” Also, we’ve explored how cooked chicken can be frozen, how long cooked chicken can be stored, and what precautions to take when storing cooked chicken. 


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