Can you freeze 15 alcohol?

This brief article will explore the query “Can you freeze 15° alcohol?” Also, we’ll address how 15° alcohol can be frozen, what 15° alcohol is, what beverages contain 15° alcohol, and if it’s healthy to drink 15° alcohol.

Can you freeze 15° alcohol? 

Yes, 15-degree alcohol, also known as 15% alcohol, can be frozen. Its melting point is somewhere between -4 to -9°C. Therefore any beverage with less than 15 or fewer degrees of alcohol should not be left unattended for a prolonged period, to keep it from solidifying. 

Solidified beverages that are stored at sub-zero temperatures run the risk of cracking, shattering, or even bursting their containers, as water-based solutions expand when frozen. 

Also, while these beverages may not readily turn to ice if supervised, they may obtain a slushy consistency and may require some thawing out before they’re fit to be served, in which case, freezing beverages with 15 % alcohol may not be recommendable. 

How can 15° alcohol be frozen?

If our readers choose to place a 15° alcohol beverage in the freezer, we advise that they keep a close eye on it and constantly check that it hasn’t begun to reach a solid-state, at the risk of the container breaking and creating a mess that’ll require clean-up. 

To chill a 15 ° beverage, we recommend that our readers soak a kitchen towel in water and wrap it around the bottle or case of the beverage they intend to cool and place it in the fridge. 

After 10-15 minutes, depending on the initial temperature and size of the container, it will be ready to serve chilled. 

What is 15° alcohol? 

Fifteen-degree alcohol can allude to any solution that has a volume of 15% alcohol. In plain terms, for every 100 ml of solution, 15 will be alcohol. This concentration is also known as 30 proof, as proof units are twice the expressed percentage amount. 

What beverages contain 15° alcohol? 

Spirits that contain around 15% alcohol volume may include some wines, ciders, sakes, fruit crémes, herbal liqueurs, and pre-made cocktail mixes. 

These beverages may have higher sugar contents and by extension, pack more calories. 

Is it healthy to drink 15° alcohol? 

Drinking 15 ° alcohol can be healthy when done so in moderation and occasionally. 

The effects of drinking any degree of alcohol will depend on how frequently it is consumed, and in what amount

Sporadically drinking beverages with 15° alcohol may not cause any side effects, and casual consumption should always be the norm. 

Drinking 15° alcohol can cause intoxication in the short term, and if consumed regularly, can lead to disorders such as fatty liver disease, cirrhosis, heart disease, and high blood pressure, and can increase the risk of some cancers. 

Other symptoms that may be caused by regular alcohol consumption may include digestive problems such as bloating, gas, ulcers, and pain when having bowel movements. 

High alcohol consumption can also have detrimental effects on both men’s and women’s fertility, and sexual health. 

Gestating women should not, under any circumstance, consume alcohol, as it may lead to fetal alcohol syndrome and lead to a series of complications throughout the exposed infant’s life. 

Additionally, constant alcohol ingestion can result in deterioration of mental capabilities. This can lead to other problems such as anxiety, erratic behavior, and worsening symptoms of preexisting mental health conditions. 

As 15° alcohol has a relatively modest amount of alcohol compared to other spirits, it may have a higher amount of calories and added sugars. In that case, consuming it regularly may lead to other health problems.

We don’t discourage our readers from enjoying a casual drink or two but we do advise readers to exercise moderation.

If you or someone close to you is having trouble limiting alcohol intake, we advise you to reach out to professionals for support, medical assistance, and treatment. 

There are free helplines available, and other resources such as counseling, medical treatment, and rehabilitation programs aimed at helping people with alcohol abuse troubles. 


In this brief article, we’ve explored the query “Can you freeze 15° alcohol?” Also, we’ve addressed how 15° alcohol can be frozen, what 15° alcohol is, what beverages contain 15° alcohol, and if it’s healthy to drink 15° alcohol.


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