Can you feed a cat rice?

In this short blog we will address the question of “Can you feed a cat rice?”. In addition, let’s talk a little about the feeding habits of felines and the reasons that rice should not be offered to these animals without guidance from the veterinarian.

Can cats eat rice?

No, rice cannot be used in the cat’s daily diet. Before introducing any type of food to the cat’s diet, tutors should seek help from a veterinary nutritionist.

Cats in the wild are extremely carnivorous animals, so they are not attracted to some vegetables. Many cats will refuse to eat rice, but other animals may be interested and end up ingesting some rice.

In cases where the animal ingests an amount of rice accidentally. The behavior of the animal must be observed. Excess rice in the diet of cats can lead to a nutritional imbalance, which can favor the appearance of some diseases.

Why is rice found in some industrial cat diets?

Rice can be one of the ingredients for the manufacture of industrialized foods for daily feeding of cats. What makes rice to be added to this type of food is that rice is a source of fiber, minerals and essential oils.

In cats, rice does not have much nutritional value and therefore it can be used in large quantities in low quality industrial diets. Good industrial diets for cats are those that have the least or no grains in their composition.

How to offer rice to the cat?

In some situations, the veterinarian may have to include rice in the cat’s diet, but this type of food should be minimal when compared to foods that are a source of protein such as meat. Rice should not be provided without a veterinarian’s recommendation.

Rice made for human consumption cannot be fed to cats. Because rice prepared for human consumption can be added with salt and seasonings such as onions and garlic that can be toxic to animals.

After recommending the use of rice in the cat’s diet by a veterinarian, attention should also be paid to the preparation of the rice and the amounts to be offered to the cat.

Raw rice should not be offered to cats. Rice can be cooked with plain water or by reusing the water from cooking other foods, such as meats and vegetables, which helps to give the grain more flavor.

Spices like onions and garlic should be avoided as they can be toxic to cats. But in small amounts it is possible to add some seasonings such as salt, parsley, rosemary, basil and oregano.

What diets exist to feed a cat?

There are currently two types of food for cats: 

  • Industrial food 
  • Natural food

It is worth remembering that the veterinarian should be responsible for evaluating the cat’s needs and prescribing the best method of feeding the animal.

Industrial food

Cats can feed on industrial foods that are manufactured to meet all the cat’s dietary needs when provided in adequate amounts. Each manufacturer has a feed formula and therefore the amounts of feed to be offered to cats also change according to the animal’s weight.

Industrialized foods can vary by the stages of animals, such as kittens, adults, and senile cats. There are also special diets for neutered, allergic, and nephropathy cats, among others. On the market you can find a variety of industrial diets, both of good and bad quality.

Along with industrialized food, snacks and foods derived from meat can be offered to cats. However, there is no need to add these types of foods. That’s why they should be done periodically to prevent the cat’s diet from becoming unbalanced.

Natural food

Another way to feed the cat is through natural diets, diets that the owner can cook at home and provide to their pet. To have a balanced diet, you should look for a veterinary nutritionist.

Homemade diets may include some vegetables and meats. In addition, to provide all nutrients to cats, supplementation with commercial vitamins may be necessary.

Food should be prepared as per the veterinarian’s instructions. The quantities of each food must be respected as prescribed. Preventing nutrient loss and making it as tasty as possible for cats.

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This small blog addressed the question of “Can you feed a cat rice?”. In addition, we talked a little about the feeding habits of felines and the reasons that rice should not be offered to cats without guidance from the veterinarian.