Can you eat Zappos with braces?

In this short article, we will provide an answer to the question “Can you eat Zappos with braces?” and the information on candies you can eat with braces.

Can you eat Zappos with braces?

No, you cannot eat Zappos with braces as these are chewed. The Zappos chews come in several flavors, including Cola, Bubblegum, Tutti Frutti, Raspberry, Grape, and Strawberry. Zeppo Chews Lollies provide a mouthwateringly exquisite tasting experience and are colored using only natural colors. Crown Confectionery, which would later become Zappos, was founded in Korea in 1947.

What Kinds of Sweets Can You Eat While Wearing Braces?

The following is a list of candies that can be ingested while wearing braces, as well as sweets that should be avoided.


While you are required to use orthodontic gear, you may ingest chocolate. Even if they have braces, your child can eat any type of soft chocolate, from chocolate bars to peanut butter cups. It is completely OK. 

Keep an eye out for chocolate bits that are abnormally large or exceptionally firm. Even if your child is given a large amount of chocolate, they may damage themselves if they bite into it since chocolate can leave residue on teeth and equipment. If the chocolate has been frozen, it will be exceedingly difficult to bite into, increasing the possibility of tooth harm. Chocolate bars in humorous proportions or even regular quantities are delicious!


On Halloween, someone in almost every neighborhood distributes homemade candy. The great majority of cookies, especially those that are softer, should be fine. On the other hand, if somebody serves out hard cookies, especially store-bought cookies, your teen’s braces may be harmed. A hard cookie, like any other sort of hard food, has the potential to break off a bracket or bend the wire.

Hard Candies

Hard candies contain qualities that are both beneficial and detrimental to persons who wear braces. For example, if your adolescent does not chew or bite down on the hard sweets, they are most likely perfectly safe to consume. 

If, on the other hand, your adolescent intends to consume the candy until it is gone, you do not need to forbid him or her from consuming hard sweets. Because it will be impossible to keep an eye on your adolescent during this activity, you must have faith that they understand why chewing on hard candies is dangerous.

Candy that sticks to your teeth and gums

Now that chewy candies are off the table, your child will probably turn to sticky sweets to satisfy their sugar demand. Unfortunately, folks who have braces are not permitted to consume sticky candy. Candy such as tootsie rolls, starbursts, jelly beans, gummies, and caramels will be prohibited.

Sticky candies will not only adhere to your braces, making cleaning them more difficult but will also adhere to your teeth. They are capable of tearing brackets off teeth, twisting wires, and injuring your teen’s sensitive teeth and gums. Even though the bulk of these candies is soft, sticky candies are the worst of the lot to eat with braces since they are so tough to chew.

 A mixture of Skittles and M&Ms

M&Ms and Skittles come to mind as examples of candies. Because of their small size, these sweets are regrettably the worst thing for someone who wears braces. Even if you only eat one piece of candy at a time, the candy may slip under the wire and dislodge a bracket when you bite down on it. When your adolescent consumes M&Ms or Skittles in large handfuls, the issue becomes even more dangerous. It’s conceivable they should take this candy out of their bag. If that’s the case, they should.


Is there a popcorn vendor on your block, or does your adolescent intend to make a couple of large bowls of popcorn to consume while watching a movie? Although popcorn appears to be completely safe (it’s so light and fluffy! ), it includes hard shards that can become trapped between cables and brackets. This is a potential risk. 

Furthermore, extracting all of those popcorn pieces from between your teeth is challenging enough even if you do not wear braces. This Halloween, popcorn, and especially popcorn balls, are strictly prohibited.

Graham crackers, toffee, or caramel

It should come as no surprise that you should avoid eating anything that begins solid but softens and becomes chewy in your mouth as it warms up. Remember that your teen’s teeth will be extremely sensitive, making it quite unpleasant for them to eat anything that is difficult or needs them to chew.

Your youngster may be disappointed to realize that the majority of the candy they like eating can harm their orthodontic appliances. They are in luck because this list provides a variety of options from which to satiate their sweet tooth. If they do decide to go trick-or-treating, you should tell them to negotiate with their other friends for some of the candy so that they can get some that they can eat.

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In this short article, we provided an answer to the question “Can you eat Zappos with braces?” and the information on candies you can eat with braces.


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